Spirit of truth for Spirit of Unity?

30 11 2006

Spurgeon passionately decried “the spirit that would tamper with Truth for the sake of united action” when confronting the protestants of his time in accepting Roman Catholics as “ok”.

Over the last few years, there has been an increasing number of pastors preaching on Ecumenicism. I have had a few discussions with christians, should Christians accept the gospel of Ecumenical or to stand for truth?

I believe in the Truth, and then Unity. The unchanging Scriptural truth must not be exchanged for the sake of unity, and yes, unity within the Church is important, but not to the extent of compromising God’s Words. Live in peace within the limits.  There are an increasing message from various pastors preaching gospels of humanism, ecumenical gospel, and others, and I am not to judge their characters but i will stand against such messages and movement because it contradicts the Word of God. I will not accept Roman Catholics as family in Christ, because they are not. The Pope is not the head of the church, nor will i accept the authority of their council, and the Roman Catholic Church does not hold the keys to the doors of heaven – JESUS holds YOUR key to heaven, and when you put YOUR FAITH In JESUS, not the pope, YOU WILL BE SAVED.

An article about Roman Catholics from the Berean Call Ministry 


All gifts but no love

30 11 2006

The past few days of the arrival of TB Joshua has caused me to think, of why i behaved the way i behaved last time or why Jenn think the way he thinks; and how God has to break my pride to tell me that there is a line between judging based on the Word of God and by our own righteousness. If we have all gifts but without love, we are nothing. I believe that i might have the purest of the purest in theology, or doctrines that adhere strictly to the Bible, but wouldn’t the pharisees be that too? One thing that must set me apart from the pharisees is love. I know the difference between loving one another, and buying into their convictions. I thank God for Pastor Chong Yew and Apostle Roderick for shedding light onto this, while Pastor Chong Yew is the unmoving revelation out of God’s Words, Apostle Roderick maintain the balance and perhaps a revelation of taking this christian walk to another level – walking in signs and wonders. I have always wonder why Christians today are not walking in signs and wonders? Is it that the age of miracles or the age of the apostles past? That the holy spirit is no longer working or that God has stopped working miracles in the church? No, i strongly believe in the last days, God will pour out His spirit to his church as Prophet Joel in the book of Joel stated. Joel 2:28-32. That was written to say about how the church will be in the last days. As we are living at the edge to that Day of the Lord, it is imperative that we christians and me especially begin to get ready, for He will come like a thief in the night. Christians in Singapore are sleeping for way too long, we are fortified in our pride of self sufficiency, basking in our comfort zone for way too long, and God is beckoning every christians to wake up, Press in on that narrow road or we will be thrown as chaff into the furnace fire. There is a coming move for the new year, and no, i am not becoming a hyper-charismatic any time soon, but for those who are walking close to the Lord, will bear witness, that in the coming year, 2007, there will be a great signs as Israel celebrate their 40 year anniversary in June, which signifies a generation in biblical term. God is going to stir the church, separating the cold, lukewarm and the one who really are passionate with Him! Turn away from wickedness and sin, and Lord help me to put away things that are not pleasing to You. Cleanse me with thy Word and help my faith to stand as a witness for You in these last days! I pray for all my friends and my loved ones that we dare to stand up for Your name sake and take this generation for You. Indeed this generation will not see death and will behold Your coming soon. Come Lord Jesus, come soon.

Outside of the Inside

29 11 2006

We celebrated Jewel’s birthday last night and realised something i cannot relate to the group. I do not know why after so long, i still feel i am outside of the group. Who can truly understand me and fathom my thoughts except God. Perhaps the season of the wilderness is coming?


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Intellectuals with Faith

28 11 2006

I saw this book at Borders on Thomas Aquinas. I want to buy the book to learn from this great theologian but sigh, it is way beyond what i can spend. Even tho Thomas Aquinas is a catholic theologian, one can still learn alot from the work of this man. I love this quote from Aquinas

That for the knowledge of any truth whatsoever man needs Divine help, that the intellect may be moved by God to its act. – Thomas Aquinas

I believe Intellectual as much as Spiritual Sensitivity must be present to balance the Church, to have an extreme in either one, is to push to the limits of legalism without Spiritual move, on the other, is Spiritual anarchy with no anchor to the foundation of God’s Word. And i believe with the help of the Holy Spirit, God can act through the intellectual of human being to act according to God’s Will.

T.B Joshua in Singapore

28 11 2006

TB Joshua whom everyone affectionately referred to as Prophet TB Joshua from Nigeria, Lagos is in Singapore this week for a series of services and conferences. It is his first trip to Singapore and is the first ever Christian preacher that is allowed by the authority to use the title Prophet, and Healing Crusade on his promotional materials.

The Singapore Indoor Stadium was quickly filled up 30 minutes before the service officially started at 7pm this evening. Thousands joined in the worship and one after another pastors came up to have a short sermon and introducing each other with what they are doing, what they have achieved and lauding their titles.

It wasn’t until 9.30pm that TB Joshua came in to the pulpit and preached. His sermon was a great one, one i would not normally expect from him if i were to believe reports about this man and his ministry; Instead of another miracle worker and asking people to donate large sum of money, this man of God preached with strong conviction and clear message of holiness. Healing without putting the Word of God as our standard will not stand the test of time. This humble man of God attributes Jesus as the healer and he preached about putting the Word of God as the central principle guiding our lives, one on which through the Word, healings, peace, and others are built upon.

The last part, we saw people in wheel chair stood up and walk, the deaf hears, the sick healed and many demon possessed got delivered! It was a sight and many sat there in shock. This would be the first, to be captured on TV the contorted faces of the demon possessed people screaming and speaking in unnatural voices. Many were set free. And i love what TB Joshua said, rejoice not that the demons are subjected to us, but rejoice that our names are written in the Book of Life!

Word of advice to the catholic readers here

28 11 2006

To all Catholics who are reading this blog. Do not

a) Come in here and comment that i judge catholic brothers. I judge what is right and wrong according to the Scriptures – The Catholic doctrines and beliefs. For example, it is wrong to worship Mary. If i judge Catholics, it is like me saying, ABC or XXX is stupid to worship Mary or anything derogratory on the character of the person. While i try not to do that, if i do slander your character or intelligence, i apologize, but i do not apologize for my articles about Catholics and their doctrines.

b) I welcome all catholics who post comments, but all comments which i deemed nonsense, criticism of my character, or anything not acceptable will be deleted. And i owe you or the author no explanation for my action.

My first comic strip!!!

27 11 2006

I am keen to try out doing some simple comics strip with Christian theme!!! Will do up some and put it online or maybe do up another blog specifically for all my christian comic strip!