Joel Osteen – whitewashed preacher

29 09 2008

“…. there are more people who are qualified to explain the scriptures to you, but i do not think that’s my gifting…” Joel Osteen.

I was involved in a conversation during supper on Sat with our Youth Pastor, and i told her, contrary to most who believe that there will be an end time revival, that there will be an end time fall away. Christians and so called Preachers, Pastor, Evangelist, Prophets, Apostles and (nowadays you got so many titles) that these will be deceived and even led others to fall away from the faith to follow their gods of wealth, power, material possession and false peace and false hope.

Even seeing in my church, and churches in Singapore with all the talks of Singapore being an Antioch of the Asia, i personally have no problem with that, except that i feel, we are missing something really big, bigger than our ministry, than our church that’s God. I see Pastors selling short of themselves by performing amateur magic shows, or writing books to live a good life without mention of God like Joel Osteen, and many more, are following down that road of destruction and not surprising, many more will follow along.


Joel Osteen says Mormonism is Christianity

3 01 2008

Do you buy that? A pastor of outstanding and significant influence, endorsed the cult Mormon as Christianity. With a frivolous response without calculated thoughts about key doctrinal stances of Mormonism, Pastor Joel Osteen come across as an uninformed minister with no convictions.

See the above video of Joel Osteen interview with Fox News Sunday on the 23rd Dec 2007, and the related article from the Apprising Ministry