New hive of activities!

7 04 2008

We are scheduled for a move in on the 1st week of May, pending some minor renovation, slight decoration of the place from a rustic colonial house to a comfortable and exciting place! Below are some of the photos for the new place!

The area for our mugging! Well The windows will be covered with IKEA’s dark coloured blind, which i feel maybe black? The light outside will be fixed to allow orange light to come into the area in the evening to make it warm and i think it is going to be quite a place to work!

The overview of the hall and part of it will be partitioned out for the chill out zone! Check out the next photo!

This is the Chill Out Zone! Pardon my bro, Mr ‘possy’ in the photo, he is helping to do some measuring of the place for our deco materials. The wall behind that TV will be painted in dark Grey and the shelves removed of course, and we got 2 two-seater Sofa in ORANGE! haha. Yea, from IKEA and in the middle with a squarish coffee table and a very old-school rug and not forgetting two IKEA standing lamp with orangy light. And we will have a TV there too! This is our Chill Out Zone with PS2, Cable TV where we can catch some Football action too!

This is the small garden from the gate of the house. WE will have some wooden bench, some outdoor light installed and a perfect place to chill out if it is not raining cos the foot path will be flooded if it is pouring. Anyway Mercy will be planting some flowers to beautify the place too!

The small gate and our newly acquired Belingo, the red vehicle, and even a private drive way to the place. And we might need to clear the tree on the right because the roots are kinda cracking up the pathway. And maybe getting an outdoor swing will be nice.

Ok, a sneak preview of our new place! Will update more photos when the renovation and decorations are done up!

Pope’s criticism of Atheism and Modern Christianity

4 12 2007

Taken from the Article on

Benedict also critically questioned modern Christianity, saying its focus on individual salvation had ignored Jesus’s message that true Christian hope involves salvation for all.

While i agree with Benedict in his assessment on the danger of Atheism and its roots, i find his assessment of Modern Christianity erroneous. Modern Christianity does not ignore Salvation for all, as God desires all to be saved (Sovereign Will of God) but we cannot ignore that God will not override Man’s decision to reject Him. In view of the principles of Free Will, and Omniscient of God, Modern Christianity also believes in the fact, the group of people will be smaller that will walk through the narrow gate. The Pope’s ignoring this, is not surprising, especially considering the ecumenical efforts and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. While the Church should be focus on individual salvation, they must not ignore the mission field and presenting the Message of Hope through Jesus as the Good News to all, both rich and poor, uneducated and the learned.

“This ‘intermediate phase’ we know all too well, and we also know how it then developed, not ushering in a perfect world, but leaving behind a trail of appalling destruction,” Benedict wrote

Not particular surprised by Benedict’s abhorrence of Lenin and Karl Marx’s philosopher, considering he himself a fanatic fascism follower of Hitler’s Nazi. While condemning Karl Marx and the atheistic revolution, he simply ignores the other evil which he himself was part of, Nazism, and fascism. And through Fascism, Aryan teachings have taken roots in many parts of America, and Europe, and equally as destructive as the effects of Atheism has around the world.

Audio House – Cheapskate marketing gimmick?

28 11 2007

A Digital SLR going for S$519 is too good to be true, but until I was directed to a SMALL FINE print on the brochure, that says, only if you can guess the first number of the 4D Lottery, then you are entitled to the special price on a rebate in terms of an Audio House Voucher to buy something else from the store. Another customer walked past saying SCAM.

SCAM indeed as Audio House tries to compete in such underhanded marketing gimmicks just sickened me to the core. You can be sure, with these cheapskate tactics to draw crowds, the reputation of the store will suffer significantly to another long list of SCAM store that cheats and deliberately misdirect information on its products and price to swindle customers.

Trials by Fire

20 11 2007

Fear is the shadow of Faith – Pastor Doug.

The same is true that trials are the shadows of every moments of intimate with God. A Christian who seeks to find God and to seek God with all his heart, is a definite target for the devil. But surely, with every passing of the storm, the sun will shine. The storm will pass, no matter how bad it is, God still reigns sovereign. My trials by fire lasted one day, from sheer intimate moments with God to the gates of hell, and i can only thank God for His grace and Mercy!


20 11 2007

Pastor Bruce Allen talked about the 7th Day of Creation where God created Rest, that He make it holy for us. As I was talking to God while walking to work, Oh how i enjoyed coming into His presence and just chat with Him as Adam before his fall in the garden of Eden.

God created Rest for one more purpose and that’s fellowship in intimacy. Notice that God in the state of Rest, walked among the garden looking for Adam, and they had fellowship. There, I know why I am created, for the very purpose of having a fellowship with God, in us, we desire and we seek the very purpose of fulfilling that ‘hole’ in us, only God can satisfy. When I came into His presence, there is a fullness of joy, joy radiating from an intimate fellowship in connection with something bigger than ourselves, and that overwhelms. I am not perfect until I am called back or caught up when Jesus comes again, till then, i know for sure, despite the flaws and the serious problems in my character, i am justified by my faith in God fully. That’s REST. Rest is not just on the Sunday, but Rest comes when we come face to face with the Almighty God.

Moving into designing?

28 10 2007



Two designs i did for the Intercession ministry and Youth Ministry Vibrant caused me to rethink what i want to do, perhaps in a design service?


25 10 2007

If anyone were to know me, i am mostly negative about the government etc. Until recently after a long drawn out debate with Mercy, who pointed out some important points on fair appraisal of our government, i decided to come up with some of the good things our government has done. (Mercy came up with 10 too, but i decided it should come from me instead on this blog).

At least 90% of the younger generation of Singaporeans are educated to a certain extent, and it is mandatory for a child below 12 to go through at least Primary School education. While this is one of the strongest achievements for the government, in contrast to the neighbouring countries like Laos, indonesia where it is a privilege to receive education. This is something we all took it for granted, isn’t it?

Clean water
We are so blessed to have clean water delivered to our house, without us going to the wells with pails and buckets, or to deal with diseases or unclean water, etc. Thank God for the clean water that flows from the tap and when we turn on the shower head with hot water!

Singapore boast of one of the finest public transportation system in the world, and it is even studied by the more developed countries in Europe and by China. We have efficient MRT station, good network of public buses, and a fleet of quite accessible taxi services.

Legal System
While most would argue on Singapore’s Legal system, i think with an incident in the last few weeks would be evidence for Singapore’s stand on the Law, and the 337, where the government maintains its stand to keep this legislation in the legal system – the Homosexual Act. That they are not bowing down to pressures of the homosexual community to repeal this code in the legal system.

Even though the cost of housing here is extremely high, the very least that the government makes sure that the huge majority is comfortably homed. Unlike India or other countries, where public housing is a question and been the major problem for the authorities.

Comparing to other countries even in Europe, Singapore is relatively safer in terms of low crime rates. We enjoy a faster response to Police services, Fire Safety coverage or even ambulances services too. This is by no mean small feats, and this is partly due to the efficient traffic grid system we have in Singapore