Christianity to transform Singapore and Asia

13 03 2010

There is ONLY ONE answer to the problems we faced today, and that is the Word of God. The power of the Word of God can transform nation, not just revival but a lasting transformation of every single part of society and conforming to the eternal principles that are outlined from the Word of God.

1. That every single citizens of Singapore would honour God, honour the leadership and authority God has placed in our lives (The government, Prime Minister, Teachers, Ministers, Police etc), and honouring our parents.

2. Will inspire to love life, that there we will learn to appreciate each other, our elders, our children, our friends, our colleagues and ultimately ourselves. Of which we will respect and honour the sanctity of LIFE itself. There will be less cases of murders, rapes, and even abortion.

3. We will learn to love each other, less racism, less intolerance, but unconditional love for each other, that will result in less cases of divorce where we can forgive and moved to reconciliation.

4. We have a higher productivity, for everything we do, we do it for God and for the good of each other. We will put each other and our company’s interest above our own.

5. Less violence and crimes on the street, as more teens can grow up in an environment where there will be godly parents, the support structure is there for the teenagers, and as they are raised up in godliness and learning to live and walk in the precepts of God’s principles.

6. There will be less orphans, and poor people because the people will care, first for the poor, the widow, and the orphans. There these people will be taken care of in a society.

7. Every mother will treasure her unborn child, and every father would provide the loving stability his child needs.

8. Gangs would disappear from lack of membership, Instead young people would find true community and purpose in the body of Christ

9. Most people would protect the environment and have good stewardship over God’s creation.

10. Politicians, officials, and judges would be true civil servants

11. Billion of dollars would be freed up for public works because there would be so little corruption, fraud and income tax evasion.

12. Empty prisons would have to be redesigned for other uses or demolished.

13. Road rage would be a peculiar phenomenon for future history scholars to ponder.

14. Casinos would no longer be a place for unhealthy congregation of people to gamble but places for worship, and spending quality time with family. No one would gamble and destroy their family from such addiction.

15. There won’t be any more scandals of infidelity, but instead public figures will show extraordinary moral fiber and standard and show the world what is true leadership.

Catholics move to make Mary equal with Jesus

7 03 2010

For so many deluded and obviously ignorant catholics who claimed that Mary was never been put on the same equal status with Christ as the only Saviour through God’s plan for Mankind’s salvation. This is a probably a wake up call to all catholics who sincerely love Jesus and God and share the same faith that Jesus IS the ONLY way to God, turn away from the apostate catholic church!