A Sabbathical Year

28 06 2009

It is not a coincidence that I am doing a short course with Mercy on The Father Heart of God by Floyd McClung Junior, and even more amazing on the first sermon since April back to Paradise of God by Pastor Rachel on Nehemiah “Wired for Community” that i believe i am preparing for an extended sabbathical year that will radically move my christian walk to a relational one. Pray with me as i am asking for confirmation on going to DTS next year and before that, i seek for His providence for my current debt and the fee for DTS in Jan 2010 for 6 months or more in Hong Kong.

I am currently undergoing a re-wiring operation, to move the engine for running my life from the brain to the heart, and relating to the Father’s heart. One picture that is constantly coming back to me, is that God is not in the storm, nor the earthquakes, nor the flood, or the fire, but is in the soft whisper in my heart. He is not in the big and macro perspective of life, but He above all awesome aspects that daunts everything else in life, choose to relate to me in the inner confines of me, in the deepest sanctum of my heart where He has choose to dwell. That cannot be explained by theology, but simply from the love of a personal Father.


A little longer

27 06 2009

A little longer by Jenn Johnson.

Who I am

24 06 2009

The heartcry of everyone in life is to answer the question “Who I am?” and a reflection of God’s unconditional love to each and everyone of us, that goes beyond any human understanding.

Sight of need

24 06 2009

I was on the bus back and at the bus stop at Geylang, while the bus was moving off, i saw an old lady dressed shabbily sitting and crying. I felt my heart broke into a thousand pieces. No one even with what they did or had done, all deserved the mercy and grace of God and more, His Love.I was sharing with a friend about what I want to do, and my passion in life is being a missionary. It is about telling people who had no hope, hope in Christ. I uttered a prayer for her.

To love, starts from now

22 06 2009

No one is perfect, at least that is the truth that is hitting in my soul daily. Why am I then looking for the perfect church to go to, or looking for the best Christian community to hang out with; I realized these are the wrong questions to ask. It is not what the Church can do for me, it is what I can do for the church.

One of the key messages over the weekend was the story Pastor Isaiah preached on Sunday, about this award ceremony or a fund raising party where throngs of people were in the hall and people reading out Psalms 23, there came this man who narrated Psalms 23 flawlessly and everyone was making a din, until the last speaker, an old preacher of 70? came up on the stage and stammering out Psalms 23, but instead of hearing the jeers and noise, everyone was quiet and a cloud of awe and wonder descended on the place. The host has to hastily close the ceremony because of the awkward silence. At the door, when asked why there is a difference between the two speakers on the Psalms 23, the man who narrated beautifully said. While everyone can narrate Psalms 23, this old preacher LIVED it.

That statement resounded in my spirit and soul from then on, because it is something I have failed, while i studied the scriptures, or read the Word, and widely read on all Christian literatures, but i have not lived it. From now onwards i will seek to live Psalms 23, or Psalms 1, or the scriptures i have read so i will not be found being a hypocrite.

Good reminder

22 06 2009

Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping to pick them up

This is so good!

When people call good evil, and evil good.

21 06 2009

What a generation we have today when people call good evil, and evil good. I left a comment on the facebook for Mr George Yeo, thanking him for honouring his parents especially today Father’s Day. And someone left a message on Exodus 20 where we are commanded to honour our parents, and guess what, we have two jokers coming in to ridicule that comment. Indeed, this generation is wicked and violent and no love for the truth. I was just thinking what is wrong even when someone quoted the bible on something that is SO right? No, it is not the truth they are ridiculing, but the Bible. Perhaps it is ignorance or just pure wickedness of their heart? I believe that it is a sign of the generation of Noah, where it points to the end of the Age to usher the coming of Christ.