The universe and me

30 11 2009

If the relative size of a speck of dust compared to the universe is so insignificant then so is ourselves? Can we measure who we are and what our destiny should be to such drastic comparison? Such comparison is mere exaggeration and inaccurate to say the least but it is how human tend to use to say something about their destiny or themselves don’t they?

The importance of one’s worth and destiny is not measured merely in its size but on which those worth and destiny are built on? Is it built on a good cause, material wealth or something bigger than ourselves? One said that unless our worth, destiny lies in a bigger cause than ourselves, it is not worth a single moment of our lives. Question is what is my worth? It is immeasurably big, bigger than this universe because it is rooted in the very cause in relentless pursuit of who God is, that is the bedrock of my worth and destiny.


Yester years

25 11 2009

If all we see is the yester years then wouldn’t that be such a romantic affair with history? I don’t know except that other than my unbelief I realized today I have hidden my bags of regrets and disappointment. I have no appetite for hope as though the dawn never did arrive. As I browsed through facebook and looking through a former friend’s profile and learn I miss him and the time we spent together. I miss the time we talked about God and struggles and all the prata time etc and now that absence is irreplaceable. The feeling of hopeless and despair is all so familar when I looked into mercy’s eyes last night and i realize how truly I hated life. The more we are connected the more unconnected we are, and we have never been more alone.

Conversation with God – day 1

24 11 2009

I asked, “father, since unbelief is the reason why my prayers are unanswered, is unbelief a sin?”. God replied unbelief is a reason and sin is not, as through his grace and his love for us, the answer to prayers is solely based on his love not a obligation just because we said the right thing or did through the rituals. But yea unbelief in itself is a greater sin.”

“then there is a greater sin and lesser sin as the Catholics taught?” I questioned and trying not to test him in regards to this issue with the Catholics.

“no all sins be it small and huge are sins, there is no differentiation to the types of sin and its nature but there are sins which led to death and some are given time that leads to its judgement.” the response came quite patiently as if to deal with a stubborn child.

“how do you put which sin that leads to death and not?” asking a question which has always bother me in theology.

“it is the law that God has institutionalized. If one were to commit murder then death sentence comes as a result of the judgment of our civil law then that sin as in murder leads to death and in it if the person remains in the conviction of such sin and has not acknowledged Christ’s redemption as for his salvation then surely he remains in death a spiritual one as it is. Surely if one were to lie such offense will not lead to death but given time for repentance under his grace. Grace is not merely a position of favour offered but covers over a period of time so God can work in us to bring us back to him.” sounds like a revelation from Him.

Guard thy heart

18 11 2009

Not just against all manners of fleshly lust but against invisible human menaces such as pride, jealousy, hatred, selfishness and self condemnation. Too often have we associate the command to guard our hearts and have never considered its essence. True christianity lies in its application first on the condition of our spirit and soul and then physical for what transpires in the making and moulding of our soul must result in a physical change. The changing of our heart must result in a selfless act of considering others better than ourselves to a total surrender to the almighty God. It is a process as delicate as the hands of the surgeon and we can place our trust in him who is the master potter. Let the process of guarding our heart, conditioning of our mind and the changing process of our mind and heart begin so we can till one day be truly like Christ.


14 11 2009

I saw as the woman struggled to get down the bus with her big computer that is tied to trolley, no one offered her any assistance including me. But it was a foreign worker that came forward to lend a helping hand. How many times have we failed to lend any help to someone in need? I am as guilty as charged! Nevertheless after the foreign worker came forward to help her, she did not bother to express any thanks to him and just reflect the flaws of the society we are just so graceless.


12 11 2009

I saw two young girls at the bus stop sharing a garlic bread and looking at them reminded me so much of the innocence we have lost in the process of growing up. Today it seems climbing the corporate ladder, or the pursuit of money and financial gain or the cares of life have all taken the innocence away and it is a tragic loss. The implications are far and wide and deep in the very depth of our lives and in how we see the world and how we treat each other.