The Church we were meant to be.

30 06 2008

Back after a long absence from the blogosphere, and here, after a short bible study discussion yesterday with Veron, Mercy and Boon Wan, on the topic of Church. There was an interesting thought to the role of Church and how we Christians have a responsibility within the Church.

The Church is an extension of the ministry of Jesus, as well as the representative of the Kingdom of God on earth. When Jesus left, He left the Church a mandate, that is to go into the world and tell His Story of redemption and salvation, and second, to make disciples. That we have so often called ‘the Great Commission’ but failed to realise that it is the mandate handed over from Christ to the Church, and that is what the Church should exist for.

I asked them a question, why is the Christianity so attractive in the early church and why it is so repulsive today? It is because the Christians today have failed or rather the Church have failed to live out the 100% holiness that is demanded of the Church. We have failed to live out the Christian principles that we proclaimed with our mouth, but in our lifestyles, we live so differently.

When preachers travel in their private jet, live in a multi-million dollar mansion, driving an expensive car, and i wonder, quite often, is this the Christianity i have come to live by? Or is the Christianity lived out by Heidi Baker where she gave up everything she has for the poor, the abused, to bring hope to the hopelessness? Why is there such a wide difference in the two end of the Christianity that on one, i find their brand of Christianity nothing more than a self glorified Gucci suit, and on the other end, Jesus with skin on.

The question remains, where our decision to lead us to position ourselves, will determine how we live for Christ, and how the Church will be.


Heidi Baker in Singapore

13 01 2008

Mercy and I went to Singapore Expo to hear Heidi Baker to preach, and i must confess, i went without any single expectation, and when i entered the hall, there was an atmosphere of God’s presence, not sure if it is the fog or a visible cloud that descended in the hall itself.

The worship is really great even though i have never heard the songs before, and now i know one of them is call “We humble ourselves” by Paul Baloche. I guess I am never known as an emotional freak during worship but there is definitely a moment of worship that brought us into the throne room of God.

Heidi Baker had an altar call where the sick came forward, but she did not lay hands but instead trusted the Holy Spirit to heal them, and there was a message like Forgiveness is the key to healing, and she prayed that when one forgive there will be a release of healing. A message that’s desperately needed to be preached and practiced.

The sermon was simply Great! She preached on the Beatitudes. About the Richness from the Poor. It is not the physical wealth, but spiritual wealth that through lessons and stories she shared from the poor in Mozambique.

Throughout the past 2 weeks since 2008, the verse “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you” kept tugging at my heart, and i asked God how do i seek the Kingdom of God first, and the answer came when Heidi said, be like the Child. A child is totally dependent, and our dependence is on Christ!

Blessed are the poor in spirit, because the Kingdom of heaven is theirs.

She shared about how God told her to stop having huge meeting at Stadiums when she started her ministry at the age of 16, and move to the poorest of the poor where God’s heart is moved.  She shared about how when she went to Mozambique, she gave everything away, with no money, no house and no food. She was at the street and began to learn the language, and talking to the kids. Through their eyes, their lives, the kids were mostly abandoned, abused, raped, etc, but through the ministry, many become great women and men of God who in turn, touches many lives in their villages. One thing is that in Singapore, we will never understand what poor really means, except God reminded me of the sight in India at the slum, and the poor old folk around Singapore where so many times my heart simply breaks to see. These are the faces of Christ, when Jesus said, the least you do to these, you do it for me.

Blessed are those who mourn, because they will be comforted.

Heidi Baker shared about a girl, who was raped by her father, and beaten up, and she was left at the home the ministry was running, and when Heidi Baker first held her in her embrace, she was covered with boils, and lice cos of the abuse and lack of medical care. Heidi caught the lice too, and well she understood her pain. She can’t speak and through her bloodied eye, she saw Christ. This young woman turned out to be a great and wonderful sister in Christ, who in turn, touched other lives. Once she picked up a baby girl, who was abandoned at the steps, who can’t speak and she began to comfort her. From a girl whose life is nothing short of many terrible turns, began to comfort others. How can we  began to comfort or even how can this girl comforts others? It is the Holy Spirit in us who will comfort through us, and all we need, is to be there to reach out.

Blessed are the gentle, because they will inherit the earth.

Heidi Baker shared about this man in the poorest community in Mozambique, that he got married to a girl, and was saving some tin and cement to build a house for his wife and himself, as the rats began to bite his wife’s feet. Then one day, this man fell down to the dirt and wept, Heidi went up to him and asked him what happened. This man told her that God told him to give away all his tins and cement, and he did it. What happened is that when that happens, some visitors from overseas built him a house, and he gave that away too and make it into a home for orphanage, and he was given a truck and he gave it away, and a gentle spirit of this man, the meekness Heidi began to show how the gentle who will inherit the earth, of physical proportion and spiritual ones!

There was so much more she shared —- ok… i forgot most of the stories.HAHA. guilty. But i will never forget the main message – Jesus conquered the world not cos he is God (of course He is) but through Love. Jesus died for the murderers, the terrorists, the bandits, even those who do us harm.

I went up for prayer, actually was more like those who wants to seek God. I went up and well to my surprise, Heidi Baker prayed for me. Nothing much except that i will be filled with Jesus and His Love. Then i went behind and stand and a few more pastors from Cornerstone Church prayed for me. As i knelt down, someone came and prayed for me. He has some words for me which are very specific. Not sure it is the right time for me to put down yet but it due time.