Todd Bentley

15 08 2008

As i have wrote on the validity of Todd Bentley’s move on Revival and a false prophet and teacher as Todd is, I read with little shock that Todd Bentley has announced an official separation and eventual divorce with his wife and 2 kids, and he has announced to leave the Revival ministry to concentrate on travel evangelist.

This is on

“It is with considerable sadness then, that we must temper the jubilation we know you all feel with the sobering news that Todd and Shonnah Bentley are presently experiencing significant friction in their relationship and are currently separated. We want to affirm that there has been no sexual immorality on the part of either Todd or Shonnah, nor has there ever been. Undoubtedly the pressures and the burden of the Outpouring, which approaches 144 days on August 23rd, have helped to create an atmosphere of fatigue and stress that has exacerbated existing issues in their relationship. We wish to stress however, that the Outpouring is not “to blame” for the current chain of events and that in effect we have no interest in blaming anyone, but rather we deeply covet your prayers for Todd and Shonnah and for Fresh Fire Ministries during this time.

We know that many of you will have questions, for most of which we presently have no answers. We cannot see far down the path ahead of us, but we have quiet confidence in the One who sees the end from the beginning and promises to provide grace and strength for whatever lies ahead. We are hopeful that the outcome will include restoration, but we can make neither promise nor guarantee. We intend to take each day as it comes and look intently for the new mercies promised us each morning. We will watch and pray and ask each of you to do the same, knowing that you will pray as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

And Patricia King had a video on her website on Todd Bentley’s situation.

I agree with what she said about Christians criticizing each other, especially those in the public such as Todd Bentley, and i support what she said about Todd Bentley fell cos of his pride. I feel there is much more, from the fruits of his false teachings, and even so, as John Maxwell puts it – a true leader always put his family first, and then ministry for it will flourish, but if it is the other way round, both will suffer.

As a public figure within the Christian world, such news only brought mockery to God, and to the Church, and who then, can say the validity of the recent revival that has happened? What will happen to the new converts? Are we seeing a huge exodus of Christians who got saved, going back into world and stumbled by Todd Bentley? Will Todd Bentley bear the responsibility of stumbling thousands of young converts because of his action? Who then can give an answer to all these amidst of disappointment?

I believe no one can, but one thing is for sure, I can trust in God. I am not going to judge Todd but like Patricia King, let’s keep him in prayer. Despite the many flaws in his theology, he is first and foremost, a Child of God, and we need to lift each other up in prayers and in love that the body of Christ must stand united in love. Let’s pray for Todd that God will bring him back, and restore his family, and his ministry that through this, greater glory is ascribed to God!


Lab grown meat is the buzz

24 04 2008

It’s part contest, part science and definitely a good PR stunt; the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is offering a $1-million prize to the first person who can develop a way to produce meat in a lab without killing any animals. Digital Journal

Producing meat in a lab without killing any animals, now that sounds weird in a sacrilegious manner. The irony of human achievements to be like God to create food from the natural order from animals and plants, that we think we held the power to ‘create’ food in a controlled environment. The sheer audacity reminds me of the generation that thought they could reach heaven by their architecture. If human race can create meat in a lab, what is next? Babies? And what’s the significance of that? It keeps me wondering will the human race destroy themselves through their arrogance to think they can be like God?

Passion without equals

2 01 2008

I have been pondering about the coming year 2008 and the message that accompanies with it – Passion without equals. The sentence left me baffled until i was led to listen to the songs by F.I.R, it dawn on me that it meant to live with passion without equals. The fire that burns up for a cause, and in the case here, it is passion without equals without limits for my God, my Lord Jesus! The intensity rages on with every single heartbeat sets the fiery chamber in our pursuit of one single minded person – Jesus! I can finally penned my first post in 2008 with a new start. There will be equal opposition in the flesh, but i am going to FLY AWAY with wings of eagles with a single dedicated fiery passion for Jesus. As i was reading the book by Pastor Bruce Allen, the key to God’s heart is passion. Passion drives intimacy with Him like never before, and it is one single pre-requisite for the people who loves Him, is to live with PASSION!

China to open the largest Bible printing plant

12 12 2007

URL: Christianity Today

Within the openly-atheistic nation of China, a paradigm shift is happening as the largest bible printing plant will be opened in China, managed by the United Bible Societies, to supply more than 1 million bibles per month to the increasing demand of religious and spiritual awareness. The influx of recent affluence to the rapid industrialized nation has caught many with the evil of wealth and seeks spiritual solace. The message of a hope in a Saviour has attracted many who are disillusioned by material abundance within the society. While China is still listed as the worst religious violator in the world, as many ‘underground’ churches are being persecuted with equal tenacity as Emperor Nero would in the early church days. I pray as the pattern of evangelistic movement has shown over the last hundred years or so that with modernization, evangelistic movement will be made easier to hit inland and offering hope in the message of the Gospel of Jesus to those who desperately needs it.

Ken Behr and ECFA on the Financial probe of the churches

28 11 2007

It is interesting to note that, through the interview transcript of Ken Behr from ECFA (Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability) that NONE of these six ministries are part of ECFA.

Ken brought out some of the key pointers from the investigations that includes the available financial gain through the church and ministries should be first for the community in fulfilling the great commission and the Great Commandment to love God and each other. And why Grassley has decided to investigate these ministries is that many of these people got rich through perhaps illegal means via the tax exempted laws and maybe it is not illegal, but when called to the stand under oath, a $35,000 conference table and a $12,000 toilet would be hugely embarrassing to the ministers. In the eyes of the laws, they might be ‘clear’ but how will they account to God and to those who gave their money when they are struggling for a meal a day for their family when these ministers travel in private jet, live in a multi million dollar mansion, driving an expensive car, and dine in fine restaurants? I cannot see how these ministers now can preach about servanthood, or carrying their cross on the pulpit.

One more thing is that it is a tragedy that we need the secular government to ‘judge’ these ministers when the Church has failed on the whole to do it in the first place. Is the Church too dead to greed, monetary fixation to even recognize the yeast of the pharisees in these ministries?

Human Rights: China detains managers of Australian company for spreading christianity

23 11 2007

BEIJING, CHINA — Three senior employees of an Australian owned multi-million dollar bio-engineering corporation in China’s Guangdong province remained detained Thursday, November 22, and their company closed, over allegations of involvement in “illegal” Christian activities. It came after Guangzhou Enoch Biological Science and Technology Co., was raided by various Chinese government agencies, said Christian rights group China Aid Association (CAA). Read on the article, click here

Deadly storm hits Europe

19 01 2007

Waves pound French city of Wimereux. Winds as high as 118 mph, heavy downpours hit northern Europe, killing 27, disrupting travel for thousands. – LA Times