Ken Behr and ECFA on the Financial probe of the churches

28 11 2007

It is interesting to note that, through the interview transcript of Ken Behr from ECFA (Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability) that NONE of these six ministries are part of ECFA.

Ken brought out some of the key pointers from the investigations that includes the available financial gain through the church and ministries should be first for the community in fulfilling the great commission and the Great Commandment to love God and each other. And why Grassley has decided to investigate these ministries is that many of these people got rich through perhaps illegal means via the tax exempted laws and maybe it is not illegal, but when called to the stand under oath, a $35,000 conference table and a $12,000 toilet would be hugely embarrassing to the ministers. In the eyes of the laws, they might be ‘clear’ but how will they account to God and to those who gave their money when they are struggling for a meal a day for their family when these ministers travel in private jet, live in a multi million dollar mansion, driving an expensive car, and dine in fine restaurants? I cannot see how these ministers now can preach about servanthood, or carrying their cross on the pulpit.

One more thing is that it is a tragedy that we need the secular government to ‘judge’ these ministers when the Church has failed on the whole to do it in the first place. Is the Church too dead to greed, monetary fixation to even recognize the yeast of the pharisees in these ministries?

Financial investigation rocks White’s Kingdom

19 11 2007

Pastor Randy White announced he will not quit despite the investigations on Sunday morning service.  And the financial investigation is not the only thing besieging Randy and Paula White. The ministers Randy and Paula White are due for divorce after 18 years of marriage. The mismanagement of White’s ministry in financial area, rocked the church where broken promises of Randy White has caused questions on his ministry.

As the pressure mount on the Kingdom of White which is built on lavish lifestyle, not counting the millions of dollars properties owned by White and the Church, the expensive cars and others, and the expensive split of Randy and Paula White, into the millions are not the only signs showing.

I believe God is aligning the major ministries in America, especially those who abuse the trust given to those on the pulpit and in leadership, with the aspect of managing finances and be counted as good steward of the financial wealth God has entrusted, not wasting on lavish lifestyle befitting of a pharisees, in the process of pulling out the weeds, it is in God’s hands, the dealings of these pastors with respect of His Mercy, that we should all be praying for – Not just justice be done, but Grace be poured out on these pastors, that their souls will be saved, not put out to the dangers of the fire of hell by their pride and greed.