Joel Osteen – whitewashed preacher

29 09 2008

“…. there are more people who are qualified to explain the scriptures to you, but i do not think that’s my gifting…” Joel Osteen.

I was involved in a conversation during supper on Sat with our Youth Pastor, and i told her, contrary to most who believe that there will be an end time revival, that there will be an end time fall away. Christians and so called Preachers, Pastor, Evangelist, Prophets, Apostles and (nowadays you got so many titles) that these will be deceived and even led others to fall away from the faith to follow their gods of wealth, power, material possession and false peace and false hope.

Even seeing in my church, and churches in Singapore with all the talks of Singapore being an Antioch of the Asia, i personally have no problem with that, except that i feel, we are missing something really big, bigger than our ministry, than our church that’s God. I see Pastors selling short of themselves by performing amateur magic shows, or writing books to live a good life without mention of God like Joel Osteen, and many more, are following down that road of destruction and not surprising, many more will follow along.


Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis

29 09 2008

Mere Christianity Part 1

For the whole series of Mere Christianity on Youtube and easy listening, click to Christian News Press Daily

I have always view Mere Christianity one of the most fundamental and prominent Christian literature since the early works of the Church Fathers. I encourage everyone to listen through these 2 videos and to get the book, and keeping it as part of your book list.

Murderer of Dreams

29 09 2008

In the midst of the noise of the F1 race weekend in Singapore, and the huge crowd in town, there is another thing that i have witnessed and its effect will be more deeply felt than the race car or the crowded street is that dreams are killed.

I am deeply convinced that a gross injustice is happening within the churches today, is that thousands if not millions of dreams are being destroyed. The Church needs to repent, especially the ‘aristocrats’ of the church need to know that they serve a higher cause than themselves or their organisation itself, that is God. I am deeply disgusted that the church instead of liberating their people, youth or adults to fulfilltheir destiny in God, they kill it even before it began. I wonder, the picture of the mass tombs should be an appropriate picture of the church today and an halocaust of people’s dreams and destiny are emtombed forever by the pharisaic religious body call the Church today.

3 deaths and a wedding

26 09 2008

Not just a satrical joke on the really cheesy movie Four Weddings and a funeral, but within this single week, 3 people i know and indirectly related passed away. two from a stroke, one from cancer, and a wedding of a friend last saturday that i did not attend.

Such events did trigger something inside, that life is so unpredictable. Indeed, we are like a breathe, that we are here one minute and gone in the next. Such fragility of life makes life all the more beautiful, all the more sad, all the more exciting at the same time, all the more tragic. I was listening to F.I.R, (yes yes, i do listen to chinese songs, as i am learning to enjoy them more and more), that songs are so full of passion. It is like songs of Linkin Park, that invokes a strong burst of passion for life, love and social issues, but for me, i have pondered about life itself.

I have achieved nothing, i have nothing, and i realized i am nothing. When one strip away the frivilous details of life, peer away those layers of facade that we cover ourselves to pull a fast one on people, and what remains is a core of deep rotting interior, that we are especially me, inevitable wicked and truly pathetic creatures.

I put on my facebook status – I am certified a Loser in Life. It reflects how i truly feel about myself. Failure in Life, in career wise, and everything else. I have count everything lost, and sometimes i do wonder if God truly exist, or does He still work in the affairs of Man, perhaps He does, but i have found his absence in the evidences of my life, that it is leading straight to a certain end i dread so much.

Trade for Care.

24 09 2008

Care is the rarest commodity in town these days. Care when the world goes on when one of my colleagues failed to see his father for the last time, as he passed away mins before he got to the hospital. There is a lack or absence of care when I at night walked among the Malay community as they peddled their wares in barely decent stall in the heat of the night, earning that meagre sum of money to feed their family. And how about when so called ‘Christian leaders’ put an imaginary chain of bondage on their flock that to say being POOR is not of God and the list goes on and on, that the lack of care numbs us to the gross injustice we see everyday around us, when truth is no longer the most precious commodity, it is just another relative term that is traded loosely. As fast as the foundation of Lehman Brothers was demolished by greeds of the Americans, Truth is replaced by Me’ism in the days of these super preachers, that the foundation of Christian faith is no longer a safe place, and has become just another place to get prosperity. I am sick of such life, that the entire generation, or rather the entire world seems to have lost its own identity both Christians, and Non Christians.

Cards for Life Line!

21 09 2008

Some of the cards i have designed for print for our Church Ministry……..

Say NO to Abortion!

20 09 2008

Say No to Abortion

Abortion is Murder, no matter what way we try to rationalize the action to kill off fetus. Let’s join together in prayer and unity to Silence on 21st Oct 2008 for the Silence of Solidarity.