Expository Preaching

9 11 2007

I just finished this book: Principle and practise of Expository Preaching by Haddon W. Robinson. It was absolutely and fabulous book which its concise and detailed explanation of the various stages (Stage 1 to 10) of preparing sermons, which i feel can be applied to preparing lessons and even self bible study sessions. Too often, have we failed to give Scriptures the very Authority it ought to have in leading our studies, than ended up, we dictating what scriptures should support our own convictions. Since i am preparing for a short session of bible study in Church, i might start with the first 4 lessons on Bible Study: Methods, Principles and Practise, which should cover Basic Exegesis, Basic Textual Criticism, and Hermeneutics. The first lesson to be set at the end of the month which will run on a biweekly basis.