Why heroes are needed?

21 05 2009

There is a difference between wanting to perform in front of a large audience and wanting to be a celebrity. Boyle’s success is not that she has been a victim who has vanquished her enemies, but that she has the courage to be herself. We cry because we see in her the seeds of our own liberation – Coline Covington, the first post UK

I had wanted to write something about Susan Boyle after her unabashed explosion into the world’s stage of fame. In her unadulterated revelation of a singing sensation not tinted by sensationalized stage show of yet another talent show, i feel the connection to Susan because of what we all desire – a hero – that this cynical world has desperately left us as thirsty wanderers in the desert to lust for water, so our cynicism has left us thirsting for a hero, one who we have found in Susan Boyle.



12 05 2009


I watched this movie “Philadelphia” again on HBO. This show was great because at the time this movie was screened, AIDS was a highly feared stigma in society and homosexuals are ridiculed. Now not that i support the gay movement, but i think it could all be very different if Christians took a stand against homosexuality, but continue to love instead of discriminate, it would be very different today. I think this movie started the compromise of the Christian faith as an institutionalized religion against homosexuality that cause the cultural retaliation.

What is in it for me?

4 05 2009

The relevancy of Christian faith is slipping away with the facade of religiousity. I can see the reason why so many are walking away from another institutionalized religion like Christianity to adopt another faith or philosophy, which all, another failed attempt to find authenticity in something real outside of themselves. I too, had enough of fake Christians and so called Christian family, that instead of embracing it so, it is totally repulsive. Give me the REAL thing, and you will find people flocking to it. Maybe one of the reasons, be it in many, that it has not grown in number or we did not see people rushing to the doors of the service, is that there is nothing authentic in the message.

Is Singapore Media turning sleazy?

2 05 2009

sfactorIs Singapore Media turning sleazy? I saw this on Mediacorp Channel 5 the other day and got really turned off by its sleazy approach, with all the lecherous guys on the show with girls be it whether they are bimbo or not, throwing themselves to lewd positions for video shoot etc. When i saw who sponsored this show, I wasn’t surprised at all, which is FHM. I think this show left a bad taste of the standard of media integrity Mediacorp or Singapore media generally has maintained so far in the past years.

Fracture of Faith

1 05 2009

I do not know how to make Christian Faith relevant anymore. Is this a fracture of Faith? I do not want to go to a church service just cos it is the thing to do on Sunday, it is so ritualistic when it is all about the things to do for being religiously right? I can’t see myself being relevant to a faith that it is all so on the surface. It seems Christianity, on the surface with organized religion, has lost its spark. How did something so true, like Christianity, become something so fake, an ideal of an all-loving God who came down. From Truth to Fake, and Fake truth.