Feel of grief

9 02 2009

I had a dream last night that showed me another aspect of grief which is an absolute horrible taste of bitterness and seems all sense of life and warmth all taken away. I woke up with an extremely heavy heart that I might lose someone close like mercy or my grandmother. When I came to work and one of the dogs we had passed away and I felt the same feel of grief that I wish everything will be ok but it wasn’t and now everyone is in a state of grief and I don’t know what to do.

Marketing in lies

8 02 2009

My mum and I walked into an electronic store Harvey Norman at hougang that says stock clearance with prices that can’t even be advertised as it is so low even below cost.

I went over and asked one of the very grumpy sales assistant on the price of the MacBook air and he replied it is $2888 and I walked away disgusted after I discovered that all the prices are what other places offered at retail price. The lies of huge discount and the marketing gimmick left me convinced that Harvey Norman has joined the list of unscrupulous chain of stores.

What is wisdom?

8 02 2009

I was just thinking what is wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge infused with life. Wisdom brings the warmth of love to knowledge applied in individual lives that is always reflecting God’s character


1 02 2009

This morning, I got acquainted with a true hero, his name is Samson. Not Samson of the bible, but this man is better in many ways. He prayed and fasted for a friend’s salvation, and today when I saw Eric standing on the stage testifying of God’s grace and his friend, Samson, and what he had done, I felt like I have met a true hero, one who has been an instrument of God, a willing channel, a vessel for His glory.