Introducing Metanoia

31 08 2007

Metanoia’s new album – Time to die. Read about how the band started in their official site

Jerry Falwell Was Right | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

30 08 2007

Jerry Falwell Was Right | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

Is 9/11 God’s judgment on America? We live in the age of Grace, but the problem is many Christians have totally misunderstood the meaning of Grace, in Grace, it is not an absence of justice, judgment and God’s Wrath.

When a nation sin, like America, in the name of God, they went to war against the muslim, for the sake of oil and wealth. In the name of God, the leaders of that nation neglected what’s matter more to God than finding the terrorist, which is the huge problem of corporate greed, high abortion rate, the failure in the institution of marriage on grounds of divorce, moral and ethics failure in the leadership, within the Spiritual leadership of the church, homosexuality strives, fraternizing with the occult, and the list goes on and on.

God will judge America in the days to come, especially now that the leaders of America work to partition the land of Israel. Hurricane carrying the wrath on the nation will be more frequent. In the age of God’s grace, God is still the same today, as He was in the Old Testament days, and Jesus will come back in the Lord’s Day to judge the nations!

1460 days

29 08 2007

I looked around but there’s no one
No one except a scrawny looking fella
Standing in the shadow and hidden from sight
The deep drawn features and the blood shot eyes
Darting from side to side
Hoping no one will ever see him

But 1460 days from Sunday on
is a day the scrawny looking fella will beg for its arrival
Wallowing in its misfortune all day long
Browsing through the list of wishes
Things to do, things to accomplish
A goal nevertheless, even if it is to without an end.

I looked at the fella with pity
My heart grieves to see such as this
living a life with so much pain and meaningless.
I feel shards shattered through the echo of the night
in silent pain, the sharp ends of the cracked pieces of the mirror
lay before me a thousand pieces of me

Invasion of Atheism

28 08 2007

Over the last one week, there I discovered, a hidden plan to invade the humanity to claim its soul – Atheism. With people like Richard Dawkins, a professor from Oxford (ironic, considering the foundation of Oxford University), a proponent of Evolution in his latest book (apparently a best seller) on criticising God from the start to the end, in his words, God is a sex-crazed fanatic bent on genocide in the Old Testament to the end, i find such strangely leaving a sourish taste in the aftermath of browsing through the book at Borders.

I can’t help but wonder, this is, in fact, the spirit of Anti Christ. The Anti Christ is not just a person, but a spiritual force embodying the Anti Christ throughout the ages to be personified in a real person. However, this is what the weapons of warfare to beĀ  deployed by our great mortal enemy – Satan.

How can Christians whose faith can be explained, and can be defended stand up to such attack? We have the Word of God, our sword. Use it! Be a diligent worker and student of the Word that we may weld it against the tide of Spiritual wickedness in the high places. We have the armour of God! We can pray! That’s the only thing to hold all together, in prayer, we place our trust in God our commanding officer, our leader, our Father!

There came a thought as i was pondering on this matter of evolution and there is no God. If there is God, what’s the point in our existence? If there is no God, then you and i are nothing more than just dust. There is no meaning in everything. The greatest rebuke to Evolution is in us, for there left a ‘hole’ no theory of evolution or anti-God delusion theory can fill, but deep inside all of us, we search for an answer for which to explain why we are here. The search for God is not in science, is not in philosophy, (probably philosophy can explain it), it is not even in religion, it is in how our existence is explained in light of a relationship with God. We are nothing, absolutely dust and mud, without Him, but in Him, I now know where i am going, the source of my deepest fulfillment in life, that ultimate pursuit of my life is God Himself.

Searching for a true christian

22 08 2007

Christianity today is far from the original which Jesus has introduced it, or more (hmph, theologically correct), the Apostles and Paul have introduced. I was reading this book “The irresistible revolution – living as an ordinary radical” by Shane Claiborne. It was an amazing book, which echoed the search within for a true radical, simple faith, and no nonsense meaning to what’s the original Christianity that was introduced 2000 years ago.

I think the bits and pieces of this book is echoed by the bits and pieces of this blog in many ways, looking past the facade of sparkling preachers, and glamorous ministry to what it matters most, living by the Word of God and follow what Jesus taught. How far have i fallen, to think i can play this game of Christianity and hope to be found an approved and diligent worker in the eyes of God! No way, i need to repent and start living it every words and iota in the scripture. Time to be radical!!!!

Oh for the start, i’ve finished doing up our church website at Please visit and give your comments yea?

Love God and Love others

12 08 2007

The service today was great. Simply put it, there is a refreshing atmosphere in the sanctuary as the Church gathered to worship the Lord and Pastor Sally preached on the Commandments of God – to love God with all our soul, strength and mind, and love others as we love ourselves.

There is a reinforcement which Mercy happily nudged me during the sermon that’s to love others. Like Pastor Sally said, loving each other is a really vague, and for me, it is not even coming close to that to say that it is vague, in fact, that’s one of my major weaknesses, not forgetting others as well. I need God to do a heart transplant in me, removing the heart of stone and hatred and putting in its place, the heart of Christ, and i betcha the procedure is definitely going to be painful; But it is worthwhile.

I’ve decided to step into the position to do up the church site and i have initiated several resources to write articles for the church website and i am going to drive the editorial content on it, and i want the site to reflect the church and its services. Well it is one of my major responsibilities now, besides of course, work and other commitments, and i feel that with God i will do it well, and of course, i am still committed to write, and i am almost finished with my draft of the article on OSAS (Once saved, always saved) and got tons of references and will probably take some time to put it into a proper format. So if anyone’s keen on the article, drop a comment with your email, i will send you guys the completed work once i am done.

In the meanwhile, i think life’s always an adventure, with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father, not forgetting I’ve got the job, Mercy and the Church to keep me occupied till i see God face to face.

Mercy and I at Choupinette

6 08 2007


This is Mercy! We went to this nice little French cafe at Bt Timah and it was a nice place to hang out, food is not very expensive, and it is a nice place to hang out too!

Egg Benedict!

egg benedict

This is a nice dish, and recommended by the waitress – egg Benedict! It is basically two nicely done half boiled egg on a crispy toast with bacons and is drenched with smooth cheese! This is a must-try!!!