Remember all His goodness!

28 11 2008

The message for this year in my life is easily summed up in the last two weeks of my life, from faith to walking in an attitude of heart felt gratitude to God always.


How to trust God – Habakkuk

9 01 2008

“The Lord answers me: Write down the vision; write it down clearly on clay tablets so whoever reads it can run to tell others. It is not yet time for the message to come true, but that time is coming soon, the message will cone true. It may seems a long time but be patient and wait for it, because it will surely come; it will not be delayed.”

Habakkuk complained to God on the injustice he saw around him, when God’s people, the Jews were made into slavery by the wicked Babylonians. The prophet lamented on God’s timing. It was an interesting conversation which i read through the entire book yesterday that has significant meaning for us today. We are all, tired of God not working; it seems, nevertheless, it is not time yet for the fulfillment of His Word, Promise and His justice to come. We may not understand, and most of the time we can’t, however this particular verse caught my eye and gave me tremendous encouragement

The evil nation is very proud of itself; it is not living as it should. But those who are right with God will live by Faith.” Habakkuk 2:4

The very essence of Christianity that we will live by faith, that we are called as a people who live by an unchanging God, on His unchanging character, eternal, righteous, and just. That, despite the troubles, the injustice in this world, the pain, the heartaches, that we can count on Him. The just shall live by FAITH.

Which version of the Bible is the best?

13 10 2007

Four scholars argued which is the best tradition of Scripture. One argued King James version, another NIV, and still another, the New American Standard bible. The fourth scholar claimed he liked his mother’s translation best. The three replied: “O we didn’t know your mother was a scholar and a translator!” “O Yes, she translated the Bible every day into a living, breathing witness as she lived out her holy life”

This small excerpt i read in an article completed not related to this, simply cuts my heart, piercing into the deepest and innermost core of my  being, that  i am left breathless and panting that my heart is racing a thousand times. Am i exaggerating its effect? No, and i hope it has the same effect on everyone who reads this article. Aside from all the bibles we have (i have about 5 to 10 bibles with various translations, and a dozen more commentaries etc, and some thick theological books i can hardly understand) and all the Christian literatures we have, it all means nothing if we are not walking Scriptures, Scriptures made alive in my life itself. Everything else we have learned and read and understand will mean nothing if we are not IT. This blog will mean nothing, my bible will mean nothing. This excerpt hits me so hard, i want to break down and cry. God I am a sinner, who is a dirty player in this game of religiosity! A sinner in the hands of an angry God, i am that sinner, the worse of its kind. Friendship, money, career, my life, family shall all fade into its shadow behind the crux of this issue that’s the point of my Christian faith! Let the few words and again i shall emphasized have i lead a “Scripture made alive” life? Again that should be my single pursuit in knowing God and to make Him known.