What kind of christian am i?

31 10 2006

There are a few types of christians, and the majority will be, those who puts on a christian tees with “God loves you” in neon green, and goes to church to have fellowship, but has never been challenged to walk in godliness because when monday comes, he will fall back to the ways of the world and occasionally asking God for forgiveness. The second type, is one who realised the sinfulness of his own nature, seeks to find release from its guilt, and that motivates him to go to church, join up all the ministries available, serve and serve and hoping he will find recognition within his community for the piousness he has shown, in hope that will erased all his guilts, but in secret, he struggles and continue to live in bondage of the very sins he tries to erase. Third, one that has a little illumination of what is demanded of being a christian and he did his best, occasionally he fell, and maybe in a season be in sin, until situation and circumstances begin to shake him out of his comfortable sinful zone, and then consoling himself, he is not as bad as the first two or with the world, and takes a little recesses of sinful activities here and there, taking full advantage of the Grace shown by God. Fourth, is the rarest of the rare among christians, and this the scripture said of them as disciples, one who has severe ties with the worldly cares, yet they are not monk, they are very very human, one who genuinely cares for the community for they are his neighbour, one even tho struggles with sin, refuse to remain in sin, moving on because he understands and gift of God’s grace and mercy and coupled with God’s holiness, the holiness is demanded of him. He move on not because he can, but because God empowers him through the knowledge and faith this disciple has in Christ. God doesn’t look at this disciple’s past, because all God sees, is Christ in this man. He struggles alright, he occasionally fell, but he never gives up turning away from his wicked ways to walk what is commanded because he remembers – to obey is better than sacrifice.


Our scandal – Lust

30 10 2006

Was reading an article on Christianity Today, and the article revealed that there was a conference of Youth Pastors in a city and the rental of XXX videos went up 80%! Now these are Youth Pastors, not layman like me, and furthermore, i believe in one thing, one way or another, all of us – Men, have been ensnared by this monster call Lust.

Lust is like the ape in our groin, no matter how hard we suppress it, it will rear its ugly head in our dreams, or in situation least expected and it comes with chains, to chain us with guilts and ineffectiveness in our ministry.

There are no victories as most writers wrote books about conquering Lust, etc, or have broken the chain of pornography or masturbation. Not that i do not believe that one way or another they do offer sincerely good advice, but they often fall back into the same trap again.

I believe that there can be victory, it is not an easy road but with discipline and with prayers, it is a possibility of a release.

a) Recognize that we have sinned – Lust, and all forms of sexual perversion is first of all, SIN, and this form of Sin is a trespass against our own body, and our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. We are charged with the responsibility to take care of our bodies.

b) We cannot beat the monster of Lust by our own strength.

c) The key to victory is a life-long process and struggle – Do not conform to the patterns of this world (the world values – lust, greed etc), but be transformed by the renewing of our mind. The key is simply brainwashing ourselves with the Word of God, and living it out in our life. we have since young been brainwashed by the world, its lust, its greed, its hatred towards each other, and others, and we grow up with that mindset, and until and unless we change our OS (operating system), we cannot completely begin to see the freedom and release needed for us to move forward.

d) Continue to think of what is good. Many people tend to go about life without any controlling of their own thoughts, hence, they are creatures of their flesh and desire, and they are consumed by their own lust, but reborn Christians, we are regenerated, and we bear the responsibilities of taking charge of our own thought, and we are commanded to think of what is good, to capture and arrest of thoughts and bring them to the obedience in the lordship of Jesus Christ. How many of us are like those in the matrix plugged in? many…. we are not truly free unless we control the thoughts and actions and put them on the Word of God.

True Worshipper

28 10 2006

True worshipper must come to God in Spirit and in Truth! The ingredient that ties these together is faith, for we cannot come to God and please Him without Faith! God, help me to live out the theology, live it out in lifestyle, that in my life, the fruits of the Spirit becomes so part of my character – Love, Joy, Peace and many more and this is Worship. That we live out each day with one single passionate focus – the relentless pursuit of God and Him alone!


28 10 2006

My first wallpaper i did….. so download and use it for your desktop! To God be the glory!!!

my wallpaper
Click here to get it. (1024 x 768)

What to do here on planet earth?

27 10 2006

There are too many courses, and books written about what we are here to do, or how to pursue our dreams etc, but too often these are unrealistic expectations we set. Not that we do not pursue our dreams or aim to excel in everything we do, but those take the push off our drive, and soon, we wonder why we are here on earth for anyway.

Was reading a review of a book and was strucked by something that elluded most people especially christians – accepting limits, walking gently here on earth, and remembering the past. These are some of the practical things about a prudent and godly lives. The time given to us, there is a season for everything, a time for everything, what’s more important, is not to rush through life, but walk gently and humbly with God as a friend, as a worshipper.

Illogical is the common sense of this age

26 10 2006

As i was reading on the speech by Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice on her pro-palestinian and anti-israel at the American-Palestinian Taskforce, how the American government has supported the people who celebrated 9/11 attack, who supports terrorism, 95% of Palestinians supported Hezebollah, and many more, how the world today doesn’t make sense, when US are spending so much in Iraq, but neglecting their own in the aftermath of Katrina’s destruction, where integrity is no longer the yardstick to politicians when Blair threatened his administration and bullying them into supporting the Iraq invasion, when terrorists are being trained and educated in top american universities, and homosexuals are tolerated and even celebrated within the church groups! Now, this is what i would say, the days of Sodom and Gomorrah

Prophetic Words for Oct

25 10 2006

Got this from an email from Apostle Rod, my pastor. It is an extremely encouraging email as it gave me a clear direction and i thank God for a great man of God!

There are many seasons, and God has revealed to me one facet of the seasons in life, and now, there is a season in the spiritual realm which is on the other side of the coin, and our lives. For details of this prophetic words from Dennis Crammer, click here