Snipplets of Life – 7 March

7 03 2008

Nothing much happened today except that it is a really warm day! Bah. It was cold and wet yesterday, and hot and humid today, the weather is getting to me, especially hate it when i perspire so much.

Anyway lunch was a quick bite at some Hainanese chicken rice, and it was so-so but it came with nice soup! Walallalaaa nice. Anyway as i was walking around after lunch, saw one familiar face from Grace Assembly, and i can’t remember her name.

Neck’s aching with shoulder in pain, and wow, the week passes so fast and i was still thinking it is Thursday today, but it is now at the weekend, that Samuel’s daughter is having her 1-month celebration and not sure what i will be getting her my little niece. Ah feel so darn old now that i am official an uncle. Bah, old man Dan.


New member of the family – Heidi

16 02 2008


My brother Samuel has a daughter – Heidi Ho. She’s born on Valentine’s Day, 14 Feb 2008. She is adorable, tiny and beautiful.