Never give up

30 01 2007

“Never give up” seems like the theme for this couple of weeks. In fact, there are many times i have given up. I have, and still am. The struggles torn between trusting in God and giving up the promise of providing. Sometimes i wonder can i really trust God? Or is this a test? Everything is a test. With my own strength, i cannot hope to pass this test, Lord, I pray, help me to trust You for all your providence and promises. You are indeed my fortress, and you are a Jealous God, one who is zealous for His people. No matter how grim and dread 2007 holds for me ahead, i will continue, taking one step at a time, and hey 1 month has passed and 11 more months to go.


My God is a Jealous God!

30 01 2007

I love it when i say “My God is a jealous God!” because FIRST, God will not allow others, not even his angels or Lucifer to share His Glory! We including the angels were created to worship God! Even Satan must bow down on his knee and confess that Jesus is GOD! That’s the truth i just want to shout and dance and lift my hands to heaven and worship my God! I am created to walk in intimate fellowship! Second, God will humble all those who exalt themselves. All preachers who exalt themselves will be brought low, all rulers including Nebuchadnezzar and George Bush, many will go through the test like Ted Haggard, Jim Bakker, Rick Warren, Benny Hinns. Every super preachers, even you and me will be tested, and lest our pride to cause us to think we are good, take heed, for that same pride has found in Lucifer, iniquities became to ensnare the Son of the morning and fell he did. Third, my God is a jealous God and He is my BANNER! My God will come to my rescue, He will come like a flood, and His people can come to Him in refuge, for He is my strong tower, and a mighty fortress! Lest i think i can save myself, or be my own master, die I must on the cross every day to rely on His strength and on His power! Walk by faith and in Spirit, not by sight! I love it because my God is jealous that i should have other passions other than Him! God wants us to have fellowship with Him alone! My God, My Father, My Lord, My Saviour, and He choose me to be His friend, His son, His people called to His Name! Every christians ought to know this truth, let the Holy Spirit empowers us to live the truth, and let us share the truth that we are created for one Single purpose – to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!

The fall of Lucifer

29 01 2007

Mercy and I were at Borders last weekend and we chanced upon this book. She highly recommended this as she has read the other book of this author Wendy Alec – The journal of the unknown prophet. Although i was quite skeptical on her previous book, this book looks interesting. The scriptures didn’t reveal much what happened to the fall of lucifer except that Pride has so seized this archangel’s heart and he wants to be God himself, and that is the beginning of Evil. The question of the original of evil has more of a philosophical discussions these days, as even some christians do not really believe in the devil himself exist. As i was reading this book (i am taking my time to read it), i realised something – (maybe extrabiblical revelations? hick hick), Why Lucifer fell? Angels were not created in the same manner as Man, although Angels are beloved of God, the thing that set us apart is we carry the Image of God, the supernatural, spiritual DNA in us – we are the imprint of the Almighty Himself! Angel’s not. In this book detailed, Lucifer became jealous, because he learned of the impending plan of God to create Man in His own image), The book is a great book, in my opinion, the story will and must not supercede the Scripture. I told Abel and Mercy that there is a reason why God did not reveal even to His beloved prophets etc the reason for Lucifer’s rebellion etc, i believe what Man need 99% is in the scripture today, that’s to know Him and to enjoy and glorify God forever. All these knowledge are extra, if God choose to reveal to Wendy, that’s good, but we must not focus on this. Ok. i do recommend this book for good reading.

I wonder

28 01 2007

Is it being disrespectful to get angry with people? I went to lunch at this horrible ‘coffee shop’ near church today and i got charged $8 for a miserable plate of rice and some dishes, and it wasn’t tasting too good either! I was fuming, although i didn’t score the hawker. I am more angry at myself than at those ‘evil’ hawker. Why did i pay so much for a miserable lunch, enduring the injustice of being cheated of my hard earned money and i can’t do anything about it! Is being angry bad? i feel like i can get so angry that my heart will just stop beating and i dropped dead just from the stress of anger!

Aftermath to a dramatic 2007 start

28 01 2007

Apostle Roderick, pastor of Paradise of God, was admitted to hospital about two weeks ago from a stroke, and i went to the hospital on friday evening to visit him after he was released from ICU a few days back. Seeing him on the bed, so thin and frail, and with all the tubes and apparatus sticking on him saddens my heart. However, there is no ‘why’ but ‘when’ When will God restore him and heal him completely. Had a talk with Abel yesterday after the music ministry practise that i believe God is doing something in the church in Apostle’s absence, i believe we have grown in maturity, and definitely causing our focus to go back to God. Pastor Frankie was preaching for the last two sunday on Luke 4, which have been a tremendous source of encouragement. In these couple of days, i am taking stock of what i’ve lost, what i’ve gained. I’ve lost my dad when i was young, i never have a father figure to look up and to find support, the closest is probably God himself, and while God is a great father, he is God after all. I’ve lost friends it seems, i’ve lost that trust in people, especially Amos and a few others, I’ve seems to be losing grip in my faith in God to provide. It is a huge struggle, and i want to trust Him despite everything else goes bonkers and haywire and if i can’t trust God, whom can i trust? I’ve lost friends, not particularly, but i have lost the sense for a need for friends. I have lost lots of things, perhaps a bit of confidence in myself. What have i gain? I do not know. Seriously, other than knowing Mercy and her coming into my life is a great gain and a great blessing. I am afraid of what 2007 will bring. Many things will come to pass, will my faith in God be able to carry me through? I am scared.

A genuine minister of the Gospel

26 01 2007

I have read and discussed about many ministers about their genuine, sincere display of their work. As i was reading the bible, this caught my eyes in 1 Thessalonians 2:3-6. “For the appeal we make does not spring from error or impure motives, nor are we trying to trick you. On the contrary, we speak as men approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel. We are not trying to please men but God who tests our hearts. You know we never used flattery, nor did we put on a mask to cover up greed – God is our witness. we were not looking for praise from men, nor from you or anyone else.”

A few traits from a true minister (I am sure there are alot more), one is the courage to proclaim the Gospel despite oppositions, second, they speak out not from impure motive or in error for they do their due diligence in examining the Word of God, third, they speak as Men approved by God to be entrusted with the Gospel, they are accountable to God and to each other, four, they seek to please God not men, nor will they seek praise and adoration from men. Fifth, they never use flattery words, nor words that are easy on the itchy ears. Sixth, they do not use a facade or fake front to cover up their greed. I am sure these are good indications of a genuine minister of the Gospel that is approved and empowered to preach the Good News!

What is require of me.

26 01 2007

“He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

This verse is the bedrock of my faith, a faith in Christ which justifies me, and the verse will be my guide and my foundation. To act Justly, to love Mercy, and to walk humbly before God.