11 07 2006

I hate WORMS! ok, this is not the slimy type, (i don’t like them either), but the computer trojan and viruses. Not sure how i got it, but keep having those stupid Adwares like some antivirus program asking me to buy their software, and i have half the mind to QoS attack on their website for it is obvious who set those worms and malwares up in the first place! Ii decided to re-install the entire computer! Ah i accidentally installed it over the existing window so now i got TWO windows XP OS on the harddisk and i am pissed off! haha.

When i don’t feel like eating….

10 07 2006

This is absolutely hillarious to imagine when one just don’t feel like eating… for me, sometimes this could be the vege!! I am always amazed by the rich imaginations of Calvin! haha.