God never fails

2 02 2010

Ephesians 1:11 says in Him we were chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will.

In times of great adversity, God’s people are greatly encouraged. For there is no mountains too high, no oceans too deep that our paths in life is hidden from God’s sovereignty. I’m reminded again and again that no matter what trials and difficulty I faced ahead, I am assured in God because he is still in control and has never failed me even in times of darkness! I am encouraged by Paul’s words that everything including the good and the bad works in consistency with the purpose of my God’s will! Indeed He is a good and great God whose will I shall find delight in.


Never Give Up

16 08 2009

I have heard perhaps one of the best sermons in Paradise of God Church since i came here, on God is Faithful. And all we need to do is never to give up, because God hasn’t given up on us and He will never give up.

Victory over Sin

16 08 2009

It is like a revisit of the old demons when I have accepted Christ as my personal saviour, that in His death, my sins are forgiven. However, every now and then, sins still crept in like a deadly bacteria that causes spiritual and emotional sicknesses that left me wondering if I am truly saved. That when Christ promised His disciples that we will be more than conquerors, is for the super Christians like the mega preachers and mother teresas out there?

Victory over Sin happens not from our merit, if it was, then Christ will not have to die for our sins but provide a list of things we should do; But then, Christ did not do that, all He did, was to die on the Cross for our Sins. For then, it is a irrefutable fact that Christ died, and He has risen from the grave, a victory over death, our final enemy. Death was never intended, as was Sin, but Death was the result of the final obstacles to our reconciliation to God, as it must be defeated as Sin was at the foot of the Cross.

When we approach the issue of Sin in believers’ lives, is it our merit that the foundation of our salvation stands? Absolutely not. As i am writing this, it serves a continuous reminding of my position in Christ is not affected by how many times i have failed, but how many times i come back to Christ, acknowledging He is still my saviour, and I am still an unfinished work in God’s time. Victory over Sin is not a statement that we are free from Sin, but now we have a victor in me, that has triumphed over Sin and Death, that He is working in my life to chip away the habits of Sin, that we now have a guaranteed in Christ a salvation that will not be denied by our standard, but confirmed in the eternity of His Work.

So when we are assailed with temptations, know, it is not a sign of defeat, but a call to battle and raising our standards and reaffirmation in the Truth and the Fact that Christ is my saviour, yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Pastor Judah Smith at New Creation

27 07 2009

Dating Delilah

Oh, taste and see! The message from Pastor Judah Smith at the pulpit of New Creation Church resounded with lots of humour but at the same time, drove the message of a new covenant that God intended to have with His children – us, the Church.

By mere observation of Christianity and Jesus, is but a total misrepresentation that God has never intended us to have. It is not theology, not any form of scholastic work on biblical doctrines and history that can reveal the heart of Jesus. He has invited us, and me to a feast, a feast that we need to taste His flesh, and drink of His Blood for by it, we do not have eternal life. Not that i am being gross and disgusting here, but looking at it, how can we taste that our Lord is good indeed, that His Grace and His mercy, and His Faithfulness is real everyday! Just like, we cannot describe how the durian taste like, unless i bring it to the friend to try, then, yea either you will hate it or love the taste of the creamy durian. It is today, i know i will to taste Him everyday. Yummy.

Biblical Discipleship Newsletter for March

28 03 2009

BDN for March is one issue that is close to my heart – God’s love for the unlovable. There are millions out there, who have no hope for today or tomorrow, and my heart breaks to see these people, in need of God and to know His Love.


Please feel free to distribute this newsletter to anyone, and if you feel led to support the missionaries here in Asia, please write to me and we will fill you the details where your money goes directly to the work these missionaries are doing in the unreached region of Asia for God.


1 02 2009

This morning, I got acquainted with a true hero, his name is Samson. Not Samson of the bible, but this man is better in many ways. He prayed and fasted for a friend’s salvation, and today when I saw Eric standing on the stage testifying of God’s grace and his friend, Samson, and what he had done, I felt like I have met a true hero, one who has been an instrument of God, a willing channel, a vessel for His glory.

Feed my sheep!

24 01 2009

As I was having my breakfast at the Prata shop near my office, a group of Christians were talking and chatting, and i felt like i am outside the family, a prodigal son at best. Then i remember how Jesus restored Peter and instructed him gently saying “If you love me, feed my sheep”. and why the Church of Jesus Christ has failed in their role to stand up for what is right and against what is wrong.

A particular someone named David commented on my blog, which i deleted it cos i find him probably a dull minded christian who has neglected his faculty to think. That who am i to write things against Benny Hinn or the prosperity gospel preachers who are under investigation, or some time back about the paganistic catholic church in their marian worship. I say again, i merely reported what was already a known fact, that these prosperity gospel preachers are being investigated, and their lifestyle contradicts the core message of the gospel they were suppose to represent, and second, i merely expose their wicked deeds, because being family, we were suppose to protect each other from ‘preachers’ who instead of feeding the sheeps that belong to Jesus, they ripped them off, ripped them off with wicked and cunning schemes to feed their own greed, to build their own kingdoms here on earth, and most important, they have perverted the centrality of the messages Christianity suppose to represent.

Now this David, in future, please make full use of the faculty God has so graciously given you to weigh your actions, thoughts and hopefully your blinded eyes will be opened and stand up against people who ripped your family members off to feed their own greed.