Another day another week.

13 05 2008

A last few weeks had been crazy – the trip to Club Med, setting up of new office, doing up tons of reports, proposal in powerpoint, cracking my brain for ideas in re-inventing the creativity in doing business in the new media era, and more, going through a period of trials, test, and stress, and reminders of pain from the past, that prompted to leave a facebook group. I realized the pain of being associated with them is more than me being alone, and i, sometimes am amazed by the amount of pain that i can go through, the amount of stress. I am not afraid of these, in fact, i have a feeling i craved it.

I have a burden of writing a book, and in fact, i have the structure and the skeleton content written down in a notebook and on some pieces of paper, and i even took up some charcoal drawing, and i might have my own, very small and modest exhibition of my crappy drawings online.

Over the last few weeks, i realized i have so much flaws to the point, i am amazed by God’s grace. I am so not perfect, not even to a single iota of it, but who i am today, is all credit to God, and His Grace.