Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis

29 09 2008

Mere Christianity Part 1

For the whole series of Mere Christianity on Youtube and easy listening, click to Christian News Press Daily

I have always view Mere Christianity one of the most fundamental and prominent Christian literature since the early works of the Church Fathers. I encourage everyone to listen through these 2 videos and to get the book, and keeping it as part of your book list.


Is Our World Ready for Christianity?

26 08 2008

Is Our World Ready for Christianity?

In above views posted, i wondered about it for awhile on whether our world is ready for Christianity?

The World today although with the huge technological advantage over in AD40 to AD300, where the early church under the church leaders and Apostle Paul built on, actually is not much of a different. The world, i would define the world view in which the God of the biblical scriptures is generally very much opposed by the world view, and the culture it brings forth. Just as the author above has reiterated, that it is not the world in question, but the different type of soil as outlined in the scriptures.

Nevertheless, the question remains that is the World ready for Christianity? What ‘Christianity’ are we talking about? Is it the Social Christianity Rick Warren preaches? Is Christianity all about saving earth, being politically responsible citizen, and seeing from Rick’s session with the two presidential candidates, he has never once mentioned Jesus or question their faith, or if they are born again. I asked again, is this the Christianity in question? Yes definitely but the world needs more of this gospel where the central message of the Cross in the Gospel that this world is in Sin, and the Cross where Christ died for our Sins, and He has resurrected from the dead, and He is coming back, then this ‘Christianity’ is unpopular, even among so called leaders like Rick Warren, will the world be ready for this?

The only time the world is ready, is when the Lord of the Harvest, began to work, through the Holy Spirit to bring convictions of Sin to this world, and by the Grace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus, that the lost should come to the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus

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Valuable traits in the troubled times

19 08 2008

As i read through my emails and came to a particular one at the new contemplative mysticism that is invading Christianity with the likes of Rick Warren. My heart grew heavy from such invasion was met with little or sometimes no resistance from the church for reasons that the Church is too ‘weak’ to stand up against such New Age deception. I began to reflect on why this weakness in the Church today. Not that i know the answer, but my conviction stands in the area that the Church has lost its first love and the discerning from the lack of knowledge.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you from being priest for me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” Hosea 4:6

This verse spoke more conviction that there is a lack of CS Lewis, G.K Chesterton, Spurgeon, Wilberforce, Jonathan Edwards in today’s Church, and we have more and more Rick Warrens, preaching on Contemplative Mysticism, to enslave the church into harlotry – a biblical connotation of a prevailing mindset and inclination of worldly spiritual immortality, thinking that we can find the god within us, through good works as a key to justification within ourselves. What a lie!

We are justified by faith! And from that position of justification, we are spurred on to good works, not the other way right, that thinking we can justify ourselves with Good works and even resort to New Age practices to reach God. There is no way we can reach God, not within our brain, or within our spirit; for we can come into the presence of God first by HIS grace and mercy, for without Him, we cannot reach God. And only through the person of Jesus, who is the way the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him.

Why is the Church not standing up against the tide of Spiritual deception and wickedness? is it because the Church has despised knowledge and hence God has rejected us as priest?

The Church we were meant to be.

30 06 2008

Back after a long absence from the blogosphere, and here, after a short bible study discussion yesterday with Veron, Mercy and Boon Wan, on the topic of Church. There was an interesting thought to the role of Church and how we Christians have a responsibility within the Church.

The Church is an extension of the ministry of Jesus, as well as the representative of the Kingdom of God on earth. When Jesus left, He left the Church a mandate, that is to go into the world and tell His Story of redemption and salvation, and second, to make disciples. That we have so often called ‘the Great Commission’ but failed to realise that it is the mandate handed over from Christ to the Church, and that is what the Church should exist for.

I asked them a question, why is the Christianity so attractive in the early church and why it is so repulsive today? It is because the Christians today have failed or rather the Church have failed to live out the 100% holiness that is demanded of the Church. We have failed to live out the Christian principles that we proclaimed with our mouth, but in our lifestyles, we live so differently.

When preachers travel in their private jet, live in a multi-million dollar mansion, driving an expensive car, and i wonder, quite often, is this the Christianity i have come to live by? Or is the Christianity lived out by Heidi Baker where she gave up everything she has for the poor, the abused, to bring hope to the hopelessness? Why is there such a wide difference in the two end of the Christianity that on one, i find their brand of Christianity nothing more than a self glorified Gucci suit, and on the other end, Jesus with skin on.

The question remains, where our decision to lead us to position ourselves, will determine how we live for Christ, and how the Church will be.

Joel Osteen says Mormonism is Christianity

3 01 2008

Do you buy that? A pastor of outstanding and significant influence, endorsed the cult Mormon as Christianity. With a frivolous response without calculated thoughts about key doctrinal stances of Mormonism, Pastor Joel Osteen come across as an uninformed minister with no convictions.

See the above video of Joel Osteen interview with Fox News Sunday on the 23rd Dec 2007, and the related article from the Apprising Ministry

Pope’s criticism of Atheism and Modern Christianity

4 12 2007

Taken from the Article on

Benedict also critically questioned modern Christianity, saying its focus on individual salvation had ignored Jesus’s message that true Christian hope involves salvation for all.

While i agree with Benedict in his assessment on the danger of Atheism and its roots, i find his assessment of Modern Christianity erroneous. Modern Christianity does not ignore Salvation for all, as God desires all to be saved (Sovereign Will of God) but we cannot ignore that God will not override Man’s decision to reject Him. In view of the principles of Free Will, and Omniscient of God, Modern Christianity also believes in the fact, the group of people will be smaller that will walk through the narrow gate. The Pope’s ignoring this, is not surprising, especially considering the ecumenical efforts and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. While the Church should be focus on individual salvation, they must not ignore the mission field and presenting the Message of Hope through Jesus as the Good News to all, both rich and poor, uneducated and the learned.

“This ‘intermediate phase’ we know all too well, and we also know how it then developed, not ushering in a perfect world, but leaving behind a trail of appalling destruction,” Benedict wrote

Not particular surprised by Benedict’s abhorrence of Lenin and Karl Marx’s philosopher, considering he himself a fanatic fascism follower of Hitler’s Nazi. While condemning Karl Marx and the atheistic revolution, he simply ignores the other evil which he himself was part of, Nazism, and fascism. And through Fascism, Aryan teachings have taken roots in many parts of America, and Europe, and equally as destructive as the effects of Atheism has around the world.

Close of 2007

3 12 2007

December marks the close of 2007, as I approach Christmas or even New Year, i can only look back to the last 11 months since Apostle got a stroke in Jan, and the church move, and even decisions made with regards to career and ministries, all i can conclude, i am grateful to God, despite things might not have gone my way, nevertheless, i can trust in God who never fails, and all good things work for good for those who love him! One thing i am sure, i am going to seek God for what He is bringing me to, the next chapter in my career, ministry and life! I have never ever felt excited over anything except now that i am excited over what God has in store for us in 2008 – it is not the things that will take place in 2008 that excites me, but that God is moving!

Oh yea, before i forget, time to examine all the prophecies made for the year 2007, from Kim Clement to Patricia King. The litmus test of a prophet that all that he or she prophesied must come to past!