Word of Knowledge vs Truth

11 01 2008

I have heard in recent times, an increase in the use of this gift – the Word of Knowledge, being used by so many pastors for their church and people who came forward during service for prayers.

To many, the gift of the Word of Knowledge given during service, is from God, and we have failed to be discerning of its nature. While I do not deny that pastors and people of God do get access to this gift and pass on words of knowledge to someone, and I do not deny that Satan do has a counterfeit of this gift as well. And how often, such words being given, is not biblical, nor consistent with the Word of God, and often detrimental to sound teachings and doctrines of the Scriptures.

The common characteristics of ‘words’ given to Christians these days

– Instructions to do something, sometimes, not consistent with the Scriptures. The hearers do not check back with the Word of God and hence such Word taking precedent over the Scriptures as the Authority of their Faith.

– Many words given led not to a more intimate relationship with God, but a burden especially when comes to Financial giving. That we need to give or bring a special offering in order to get blessed. The position that we ought to adopt is that God desire to bless us whether we give or not, and we give because we love him, not because of financial blessings in return.

– Many words or what most call prophetic uttering given are either not consistent with the Scriptures or emphasis are not given enough to the hearer that such word or prophetic uttering must always lead to the us glorifying Him instead of ourselves.

– Many words or prophetic uttering are not specific, instead it is always an analogy. When the biblical prophets speak to someone for example King David by Prophet Nathan, it is always specific. These days, most will give an analogy and left us wondering what’s the meaning of it all. And most of such interpretation lacks sound biblical principles.


Faith under siege

12 12 2007

The modern Christianity is at best a confusing to the best intended seekers of truth. On one hand, preachers or self styled prophets with their message at a price, price you can pay with your bank account, to pseudo ministers advocating paganism, atheism, and new age practices as acts of faith.

Deeper into the message of self styled prosperity gospel, lays the danger of introducing heretical doctrines that not only undermined the Authority of the Scriptures but the Gospel. Never with once, the centrality of the Christian Faith lies in our material wealth or how much can God bless His people with so much material wealth, with the exception of Solomon, for he is indeed wealthy beyond count. Looking at Solomon’s life, he led a life of rebellion, lust, and abandoned betrayal of his first love. Shall we heed the wise Solomon’s warning, all is vanity including our material wealth and the prosperity gospel preachers? As it is, we see how true Solomon’s message in the ongoing investigation of these preachers in their lavished lifestyle, that can’t match what the Bible preaches. While we see their sin being exposed, their message diluted, their testimonies watered down, I pray that they too will repent and proclaim victorious through Jesus, like one of my respected man – Jim Bakker, who openly admitted he was wrong and now is being used by God to be His mouthpiece to serve, than to be served.

For self designated prophets with all their false prophecies, I am not surprised nor am i shocked by their audacity in proudly proclaiming and yet, the scriptures is true, a prophet is judged by his prophecies. People like Benny Hinn, Kim Clement, and many who came in the name of Christ, prophesies in His name, yet, missing out on the very purpose of such proclaimation ought to achieve, to bring all who listened to the attention of God Himself, be it a message to call people to repentance, to focus our attention on God despite persecution, offering hope that Jesus is true to His promises He will be back and it is all about Him, not the prophet. As we hear our Father’s heart, we all can be discerning on these false prophet’s message that seems to be so ‘Christianized’ but denying the power of the Cross.

Underneath all these, I see the darker, more sinister forces at work, with these false prophets, false teachers heralding the arrival of ministers disguised in sheeps clothing, to preaching a message that deny all Christ’s divinity and His character. Saying the virgin birth is a myth, restyling the entire new testament to strip off all miracles, they have rendered Christ to mere human. With such travesty, they have no qualms in even having a version of the bible that is nothing more than a bible of atheism. Indeed, the Christian Church is under fire, with enemies laying siege all around, and we shall sit in and wait for the our commander to come to our rescue.

Another ‘prophecy’ from Kim Clement

9 12 2007

The Spirit of God says, “I’ve planned a great Christmas for My people. It will be a Christmas that you’ll understand where I’m taking you to in this land. The flag will fly, and men will sigh, and they will know that I am here in this land. For Christmas will be the time that I will come and show you something new. There will be miracles on every street, there will be miracles in every family, and if you look for Me, you’ll find Me there. There will be miracles for every family. You will see the sign upon the tree. It will bring them together as one because of Me.””Strongholds and forces of hell who would try and detune the pleasurable sounds of Christmas–this prophet prophesies, ‘Nothing shall be successful in your attempt to bring blood over the Christmas season!’ The only blood that they shall know about is the Blood of My Son,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “There will be a miracle on every street. I have a miracle in every family. If you open up your eyes, you’ll find Me there. There will be joy to the world. The faithful will come. Silent night will bear His only Son. I’ll be there in the songs. Watch Me on the TV.””There are so many changes coming for 2008.” For God says, “The season of 2008 will bring about families being united, prisoners being freed, and drug addicts, alcoholics, atheists, and agnostics suddenly getting a glimpse of something they don’t really know and cannot pronounce nor interpret–but it is Me,” says the Lord. “This building is one of many that I will raise up for media.”

“When I raise up the President of the United States and fill him with My Spirit, there shall be unusual happenings taking place in America. They shall say, ‘Why are these unusual miracles transpiring only in certain places?'” God says, “Because if you cannot see water in the rock, your striking is in vain. If you cannot see water in the rock, your speaking is in vain. You must see what I have just pronounced today.

Another prophecy from Kim Clement, and the passage on the President of United States caught my eyes. I will be looking intently on this prophecy, as Kim Clement is in the habit of practise of making false prophecy. By far, The president of the United States is far from what’s prophesied.

Service of a new beginning – Pastor Bruce Allen

18 11 2007

Pastor Bruce Allen and his wife came to our church as a guest pastor to speak in our service. This is one man i respect greatly for his passion for God and his intimacy and integrity are what i would echoed Apostle Paul’s call to Timothy to imitate him.

His sermon this morning was a great call to renew our passion with God. His message of where we ought to place our affection will affect our position in our faith. If we place our affection on heavenly then the possibilities of our faith will have no limits, but if we place our affections on signs and wonders, then we have shifted away from God. He spoke of silver dust, gold dust or gem as signs and wonders which i agree, that people of God have turned away from God and focused on these things. Pastor Bruce Allen spoke of the coming to the end of Age where Christians will be walking in greater intimacy and signs and wonders shall follow them, where Christians are raising the dead, driving out demons, heal the sick and setting the captives free! And angelic hosts visiting services. He spoke of a coming famine in 2013 which will take place soon worldwide, and this God is calling him to sound the alarm.

As I went forward to be prayed for, Pastor Bruce Allen has a word for me, which i am taking note and meditating on it and i pray that God will reveal what it means to me. I want to push forward in passion and seeking after God.