Service of a new beginning – Pastor Bruce Allen

18 11 2007

Pastor Bruce Allen and his wife came to our church as a guest pastor to speak in our service. This is one man i respect greatly for his passion for God and his intimacy and integrity are what i would echoed Apostle Paul’s call to Timothy to imitate him.

His sermon this morning was a great call to renew our passion with God. His message of where we ought to place our affection will affect our position in our faith. If we place our affection on heavenly then the possibilities of our faith will have no limits, but if we place our affections on signs and wonders, then we have shifted away from God. He spoke of silver dust, gold dust or gem as signs and wonders which i agree, that people of God have turned away from God and focused on these things. Pastor Bruce Allen spoke of the coming to the end of Age where Christians will be walking in greater intimacy and signs and wonders shall follow them, where Christians are raising the dead, driving out demons, heal the sick and setting the captives free! And angelic hosts visiting services. He spoke of a coming famine in 2013 which will take place soon worldwide, and this God is calling him to sound the alarm.

As I went forward to be prayed for, Pastor Bruce Allen has a word for me, which i am taking note and meditating on it and i pray that God will reveal what it means to me. I want to push forward in passion and seeking after God.




One response

13 02 2009
phillip M. Nelson

Bruce Allen was & still is my mentor to me
he was our minister of music at Abyssinia
Missionary Baptist Church, he will indeed bless
your soul & since he is a jazz musician,
he does have a way with music.

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