The Man at AMK

15 11 2007

Man at AMKAs I was having lunch at Ang Mo Kio central yesterday, and i saw this man sitting by the alley leading to the AMK hub, and i was relatively disturbed by this scene.

Having said that in my previous posts on giving to the people on the street, i felt that this man is more than capable to find decent work and get some money instead, he choose to sit by the road side hoping for a quick buck. Far from judging this man, i believe the same attitude sometimes be can be found in the very best of us, and me when in my attitude, sometimes i wish for a slightest chance to just rest, and more than just rest, a chance for laziness to creep in. This verse came up on my facebook as a slap in the face (Borrowing from Mercy’s favourite phrase),

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grace, where you are going there is neither working nor planning, nor knowledge, nor wisdom. Ecclesiastes 9:10.

The reminder of how short our lives will be, that I should bear in mind, that we, are capable to do so much more, that we owe it to ourselves in our duties to do the best, to learn, to be teachable and to plan. This i admire and salutes Mercy’s planning habit where she always bring that ‘tube’ everywhere she goes so she can plan. Maybe i should adopt the habit to plan too and to pursue knowledge and crave for wisdom.




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