Brian Welch’s Testimony

30 04 2009

This is so total inspiring and absolutely awesome. Brian Welch quits KORN and kick Drug abuse, now a Christian. God is absolutely awesome!


21 04 2009

Listen to her, from eyes of cynicism to tears of admiration! She is 47!!!!!

Life of Uzziah

15 04 2009

2 Chronicles 26:5

… as long as he sought the Lord, God gave him success.

Through the life of King Uzziah, a king of two lives, who in his early days as King of Judah with the mentor of Zechariah, walked in the fear of God and did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. But in his latter years, pride entered and led to his disobedience  towards God.

Pass me by

14 04 2009

Easter and Good Friday passed me by with a heavy heart of constant struggle to keep the monsters in check but peace is never too far away. Around the corner when i step aside to take a breather, i found peace in the solace of a haven that is dangerously close to the harsh outlands by a thin line. I think that’s grace and that’s mercy. A hope that something is bigger than any problems, even any solutions that for one matter of fact, is even of a permanence pillar that we can run to. That’s the weekend for me, i just needed time off for rest.

My heart breaks

9 04 2009

I saw a dog lying downstairs my apartment and appears to be abandoned and he was limping. My heart broke to see a dog, that deserves to be loved, was abandoned by the very people who were suppose to protect them and love them. I tried calling SPCA but they are not even bothered except to say they got many such calls and simply shrugged it off that a report will be made. To say the truth, i am disgusted by these people who by the matter of fact they are from SPCA, are not taking any action to ensure this dog gets proper care in their pen, (And mind you, SPCA is just about 10 mins away from where this dog was abandoned), and other organizations who are listed about caring for dogs are less than responsible for the reason of their existence.

There is something deeper more; after witnessing these and wondering if God meant what He said that he will take care of these animals – the sparrows in the skies etc, and why God allows such thing to happen. I then realized it is not God who has failed, but it is the wickedness of Man. The people who abandoned that dog, in my ‘righteous’ anger, i think they don’t deserve any mercy and they should be judged and be damned forever to hell for committing such cruelty. Then i am humbly reminded that I am too like that. How many times have i sinned and sinned against God almighty, and i too, deserve the very judgment i placed on these people, that i too, should be heading straight to hell if not for what Christ has done on the cross. And more fitting, that it is Good Friday tomorrow and Easter on Sunday, a message that can be so easily forgotten, must reinforced again in this weekend, that everything is put into perspective about injustice, about Mercy, about Grace, about God and about Man’s Sinfulness. I too, must know God above everything hated injustice because it is a gross violation of His Character, of who He really is.

Wealth and Health

7 04 2009

I have often wonder the thin line drawn at declaring that Christians are the head not the tail, that God wants to prosper us after all we are God’s children. Such line of thought only seeks to confuse individuals about the message of the Gospel, that in Christ, we saw how he choose to be mocked, choose to be spat at, choose to be scolded, choose to be sacrificed on the cross like other criminals and all despite the truth that He did not deserve all those but He choose a life of submission. I totally agree with what Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church said about that, the life of such pursuit as our focus will only prove to be contradicting to the centrality of the message of the gospel and even of Christianity. We cannot pursue the happiness of wealth and health for in itself, is utterly unable to fulfill our need for a saviour. Then Wealth and Health cannot substitute itself with our pursuit for God.

Slavery to Christ is the foundation of JOY

1 04 2009


The pursuit of happiness is central to all human beans, but unfortunately, we find happiness in all the wrong places. We are slavery to material things, religion, but we ought to be slaves to Christ. I love this sermon by Pastor Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church and have a go at it and get blessed!