My heart breaks

9 04 2009

I saw a dog lying downstairs my apartment and appears to be abandoned and he was limping. My heart broke to see a dog, that deserves to be loved, was abandoned by the very people who were suppose to protect them and love them. I tried calling SPCA but they are not even bothered except to say they got many such calls and simply shrugged it off that a report will be made. To say the truth, i am disgusted by these people who by the matter of fact they are from SPCA, are not taking any action to ensure this dog gets proper care in their pen, (And mind you, SPCA is just about 10 mins away from where this dog was abandoned), and other organizations who are listed about caring for dogs are less than responsible for the reason of their existence.

There is something deeper more; after witnessing these and wondering if God meant what He said that he will take care of these animals – the sparrows in the skies etc, and why God allows such thing to happen. I then realized it is not God who has failed, but it is the wickedness of Man. The people who abandoned that dog, in my ‘righteous’ anger, i think they don’t deserve any mercy and they should be judged and be damned forever to hell for committing such cruelty. Then i am humbly reminded that I am too like that. How many times have i sinned and sinned against God almighty, and i too, deserve the very judgment i placed on these people, that i too, should be heading straight to hell if not for what Christ has done on the cross. And more fitting, that it is Good Friday tomorrow and Easter on Sunday, a message that can be so easily forgotten, must reinforced again in this weekend, that everything is put into perspective about injustice, about Mercy, about Grace, about God and about Man’s Sinfulness. I too, must know God above everything hated injustice because it is a gross violation of His Character, of who He really is.




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