Wealth and Health

7 04 2009

I have often wonder the thin line drawn at declaring that Christians are the head not the tail, that God wants to prosper us after all we are God’s children. Such line of thought only seeks to confuse individuals about the message of the Gospel, that in Christ, we saw how he choose to be mocked, choose to be spat at, choose to be scolded, choose to be sacrificed on the cross like other criminals and all despite the truth that He did not deserve all those but He choose a life of submission. I totally agree with what Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church said about that, the life of such pursuit as our focus will only prove to be contradicting to the centrality of the message of the gospel and even of Christianity. We cannot pursue the happiness of wealth and health for in itself, is utterly unable to fulfill our need for a saviour. Then Wealth and Health cannot substitute itself with our pursuit for God.




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13 04 2009

I do not believe Jesus choose to fall victim to all of the terrible things he had to endure. Why would anyone want to be mocked, spat at, scolded, crucified and live a life of submission? Rather I see what Jesus did as a lesson in ultimate sacrifice – he gave his life to all mankind so that an example would be set as to how hard things can get for those who choose to follow God and what man can do in the face of adversity. He did this not with a goal of being persecuted, but with a relentless appetite for exposing and proving God’s Truth – no matter what.

It is my belief that Jesus gave up the life he could have lived by dedicating every essence of his very being to follow God’s law. He followed God despite everything that happened as a result of his journey. He conversed with all men and women of every race, creed and social status, even to those with contagious diseases to teach the validity of God’s infinite reward. He ignored all of the consequences handed down by man which came in response to his actions. He refused to give in to temptation or to waver away from the holy path, regardless of what it took, what was in his way, what others said, or even what it would cause.

Everything man tried to do to Jesus could not stop him. Even death itself could not stop Jesus as he arose to live again after being removed from the cross. God’s power is infinite and everlasting. Although choosing to live by his word is not always easy, it may not always present us with the things we would choose or want; it will always be the right thing to do and will always bring us closer to where God desires us to be.

Happy Easter!

11 05 2009
Poets Design

I am agree with you, your content of your blog full of inspirations

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