PS: I love you

22 02 2008

I love you

This is a nice show, apart from the fierce looking warrior king of Gerrard Butler in 300, he is a husband to Hillary Swank. He died from a brain cancer, and fearing his wife Holly who rely on his practical advice, is not able to move on in life, he prepared a series of letters, a tour to Ireland, etc for her after he died and each is a reminder of how much he loves her so she can move on in life without him.

Ok, it is a chick soap show, apparently from Veron, all the girls were crying after the show, and as for me, no, i did not cry but reminded me of my love for Mercy. I will probably do the same for her if i do die earlier. And furthermore, this show is a reminder that life and love are more than money, a bigger apartment, a bigger pay check, and it is about when the moment in life with Mercy, all life ends as we know it. And perhaps, this is what is like with God. When we do know our purpose in life with our relations to Him, life ends as in it doesn’t matter anymore what comes our way, because I’ve found the centre of it, which is in Christ.

For those who have missed this show, don’t fret. You can wait for the DVD to be released. Wahahahahahaha, trust me, this is a good show, great show except for the occasional American satirical attitude towards sex. On the whole, the show is hilarious and oh yes, Ireland is a lovely beautiful place. It is exactly the kind of life i want.

The latest craze – Korean Draaaaaaaaaama!

27 12 2007

Yea i confessed, my latest craze is the korean drama after watching “Which stars are you from?” and now “Full House” and i realized one thing – why are these Korean drama so popular, because they all speak to the heart.

Too much in the head, which used to be me, now i guess God is using these Korean drama to speak to the heart, losing what friendship really means or feels, the warmth of it, the humour, the richness of life, almost what it really means by the abundance of life, and why is that so missing in the busy life of Singapore and specifically in mine?

Ok i shall indulge myself to the sea of Korean dramas and finding that voice which speaks of life, love, friendship, family, and maybe out of that, finding what’s to be like in a relationship with God, and finding what it means that God too can be so personal like a friend despite him being a King and all, that he is more than a brother, a friend who sticks by through thick and thin. Oh if you wanna a site to see all the Korean drama, courtesy from Mercy, go to and have your fill of a tiny bit of life.

The Movie – Ten Commandments

6 12 2007

The Ten Commandments Movie – Official Site

The Animations starring Christian Slater and Ben Kingsley will take the most loved epic story of Moses and how God delivers Israel out of slavery in Egypt! After the Prince of Egypt, this will be my next movie on the list to catch with an epic demonstration of God’s power and He can still do the same today.

The golden compass – movie that kills god.

28 11 2007

“The Golden Compass” is a movie that introduces children to a series of books. The author said “my books are about killing God.” He wants to “kill God in the minds of children.” The movie’s website allows visitors to answer a set of questions and create their own “daemons” that journey alongside them in life. Please consider getting these and giving them out at theaters that screen the film. – Way of the Master

Please spread the word on this movie ” The Golden Compass ” that we should see how another waves of atheism spreading to kill ‘God’ by attacking the children, just like how Harry Potter movies introduce Occult to the minds of our children.