The golden compass – movie that kills god.

28 11 2007

“The Golden Compass” is a movie that introduces children to a series of books. The author said “my books are about killing God.” He wants to “kill God in the minds of children.” The movie’s website allows visitors to answer a set of questions and create their own “daemons” that journey alongside them in life. Please consider getting these and giving them out at theaters that screen the film. – Way of the Master

Please spread the word on this movie ” The Golden Compass ” that we should see how another waves of atheism spreading to kill ‘God’ by attacking the children, just like how Harry Potter movies introduce Occult to the minds of our children. 




One response

28 11 2007

———-singapore churches said let viewer decide, any comments ? ———-
Local churches say: No need to boycott show
By Jeanmarie Tan
November 27, 2007
BOYCOTT The Golden Compass movie.
That is what the largest Catholic lay organisation in the US is urging Christians to do.
It alleges that the Hollywood blockbuster promotes atheism.
US-based New Line Cinema, which produced the movie, denied this.
It said: ‘The idea that it somehow promotes atheism is completely untrue… The Golden Compass… celebrates such values as love, friendship…and tolerance.’
But that has not stopped the conservative Catholic watchdog group from recently starting an e-mail campaign (which even reached our shores) asking people to boycott the movie.

The Golden Compass doesn’t seem to have the same effect on local church authorities, and they aren’t planning any active protest.
The film, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, is an adaptation of the first novel from atheist author Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. It opens here on 6 Dec.

Last year, both the Roman Catholic Church and the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS), which represents the Protestant community, had unsuccessfully called for a ban on The Da Vinci Code.Reverend Patrick Goh, the Roman Catholic Church’s spokesman, told The New Paper that the Catholic Church does not intend to call for a boycott or a ban on The Golden Compass because it doesn’t ‘deserve so much attention’.But he cautioned: ‘We encourage all parents to be ever vigilant as to what their young ones read or watch.
‘The movie might mislead or confuse the young minds to a proper understanding of God.’
A check with several Christian churches here elicited a similar response.

New Creation Church said in an e-mail statement that it is ‘not for anything that is anti-God or anti-Christ’, but it ‘doesn’t mean that we need to demand for it to be banned or stage a mass boycott’.
The statement added: ‘In most cases, being extreme and oppositional is not helpful.
‘We don’t believe in taking a controlling approach. The church is not here to control people’s lives… (but) to point them to a God who is loving and wise and who has their best interests at heart. We believe this empowers people to make judicious lifestyle choices.
‘However… given that children are impressionable, parents should be well-informed so that they can guide their children’s choices.’

A pastor from one of the Methodist churches in Singapore also doesn’t see the need for strong action because ‘we believe our congregation is mature enough to be able to evaluate such movies on their own’.He added: ‘My personal view is that Hollywood has never been kind to the church for a long time. Many movies do criticise and denigrate organised religion and this one is no different.’

Faith Community Baptist Church says it has not given any specific instructions to its congregation on how to respond to The Golden Compass.

But one of its members, who declined to be named, said: ‘Nothing was publicly announced by our pastor or anything, but we’ve made a personal choice to boycott the movie through our own networks.’

Meanwhile, City Harvest Church’s spokesman said: ‘I don’t even know what the movie is about.
‘Anyway, it’s very unlikely we’ll even discuss these things in church. It’s not much of a concern for us.’

Most Christians The New Paper checked with either have not heard of the movie or are indifferent.But Mr Nelson Low, a 36-year-old product developer, intends to boycott The Golden Compass after reading the ‘literature and e-mail’ that’s been circulating on the Internet.
He said: ‘I won’t support someone who’s written books that destroy the faith.’
Mr Low feels that silent protest would be more effective than kicking up a fuss, which would inadvertently give the movie extra publicity and draw curious people into the controversy.

But another Christian, video producer Jael Chng, 29, wants to watch the movie because she doesn’t believe in participating in a boycott.
She said: ‘I may not agree with the movie, but I can still applaud it for its good visual treatment.
‘Just because Pullman’s own views about the church go against what I believe in doesn’t mean I have to be defensive or argumentative.
‘Authors are free to make truth claims and have the free will to say whatever they want.
‘The movie will probably challenge my worldview, but it also presents an opportunity for open discussion and reflection on our faith.’
Warner Bros, which is distributing The Golden Compass here, stresses that it will not be promoted as a religious movie but as an ‘epic adventure fantasy’.
The story is about a young girl (played by Dakota Blue Richards) who goes on a quest to save kidnapped children from a powerful secret organisation that is determined to sever their souls.

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