8 03 2007


You got YouTube, now check out GodTube! This is totally so coolz! Thank God for these people who set this site up, i am going to support GodTube!!!!!!!


Podcast “I’ve made up my mind” by Pastor Paul Goulet

28 09 2006


I’ve first met Pastor Paul Goulet when i was 20? at Grace Assembly. He was one of the most influential preacher in my early years as a christian bringing much awareness of the spiritual gifts, realm to a conservative church. Even tho, Pastor Paul Goulet later was in my opinion abit extreme on the holy laughter movement, his teachings and revelations have greatly encouraged me still! Today, in respond to the Two podcasts i was listening and i’ve made up my mind to live justly, i’ve made up my mind to love mercy, i’ve made up my mind to walk humbly, i’ve made up my mind to serve God, i’ve made up my mind to love Mercy Lucille Soh as my fiancee and wife-to-be, i’ve made up my mind to show grace and love to the unlovable, i’ve made my mind to devote myself to reading of His Word, to teach, to share, to encourage!

True intimacy requires TIME, it is not sacrifices. It is the TIME we made the decision to spend with God and TALK to HIM! Time Time Time! it is time spent with God that will bring the depth in my relationship and walk with God!
Manz! I love podcasting. Godly christian podcast can be a powerful tool of which God’s Truths is being preached!

TGN Podcast: Micah 6:8

28 09 2006


To live justly, love mercy and walk humbly before God simplifies our walk with God, it does not need to be complicated. Micah 6:8