Foundation of a nation

12 01 2009

Mercy and I were watching the show
“Elizabeth” which shows the person of queen Elizabeth of England and subsequent defeat of the Spanish armada. Her life aside all rumours was a life lived in mercy and dedication were at least was depicted in the show led to the foundation of the English monarch that saw England entering into a time of prosperity and peace and establishing the foundation for the British empire. Comparing that to today’s morally corrupted english monarch where the pews of the churches were empty, instead of bible, sits the Koran and the eastern mysticism and paganistic rituals and the vulgar elitists failure to display moral fibre in unabashed collaboration with the lying Bush administration. I wonder if the decline of the British and American empire are at hand.


My first official article

20 10 2007

Article on

My first official article on, about why England will never win; a football tournament. Go check it out!