Victory over Sin

16 08 2009

It is like a revisit of the old demons when I have accepted Christ as my personal saviour, that in His death, my sins are forgiven. However, every now and then, sins still crept in like a deadly bacteria that causes spiritual and emotional sicknesses that left me wondering if I am truly saved. That when Christ promised His disciples that we will be more than conquerors, is for the super Christians like the mega preachers and mother teresas out there?

Victory over Sin happens not from our merit, if it was, then Christ will not have to die for our sins but provide a list of things we should do; But then, Christ did not do that, all He did, was to die on the Cross for our Sins. For then, it is a irrefutable fact that Christ died, and He has risen from the grave, a victory over death, our final enemy. Death was never intended, as was Sin, but Death was the result of the final obstacles to our reconciliation to God, as it must be defeated as Sin was at the foot of the Cross.

When we approach the issue of Sin in believers’ lives, is it our merit that the foundation of our salvation stands? Absolutely not. As i am writing this, it serves a continuous reminding of my position in Christ is not affected by how many times i have failed, but how many times i come back to Christ, acknowledging He is still my saviour, and I am still an unfinished work in God’s time. Victory over Sin is not a statement that we are free from Sin, but now we have a victor in me, that has triumphed over Sin and Death, that He is working in my life to chip away the habits of Sin, that we now have a guaranteed in Christ a salvation that will not be denied by our standard, but confirmed in the eternity of His Work.

So when we are assailed with temptations, know, it is not a sign of defeat, but a call to battle and raising our standards and reaffirmation in the Truth and the Fact that Christ is my saviour, yesterday, today and tomorrow!


As an old scottish preacher has long ago said…

30 04 2008

The old Scottish preacher Henry Drummond was right on target when he said, “[Jesus] built no church [buildings], wrote no book, left no money, and erected no monuments, yet show me ten square miles in the whole earth without Christianity where the life of man and the purity of women are respected and I will give up Christianity.”

Pastor Rachel sent me an email of how Atheism has invaded the youtube space in challenging the Christian faith with questions like can God heal an amputated patient? While the question is totally legitimate, i would hold on to answer the question without exploring what world view in which this question is asked.

I am attempting to present our side of statement, not necessarily an argument, from a point view of a world view that’s consistent with God’s Words. The problem of SIN extends far beyond the damage of our relationship with God, but ultimately in our view towards problems, and in ourselves – a perverted and distorted perception that is not only consistent with what God said about them in the Book of Romans, but define the darkness that exudes from the Atheist mindset.

It was not a coincidence when we talked about Sin in the foundation class with Boon Wan last Sunday and Pastor Sally’s message is on the Sin and the mindset of the Flesh, and in the issue of Christians walking in the flesh or in the Spirit. I believe it is a wake up call from God especially in my life, in the various areas of my flesh, i need to particularly look out for and stay humble.

It is time to walk the talk, and not just talk the talk