Faith under siege

12 12 2007

The modern Christianity is at best a confusing to the best intended seekers of truth. On one hand, preachers or self styled prophets with their message at a price, price you can pay with your bank account, to pseudo ministers advocating paganism, atheism, and new age practices as acts of faith.

Deeper into the message of self styled prosperity gospel, lays the danger of introducing heretical doctrines that not only undermined the Authority of the Scriptures but the Gospel. Never with once, the centrality of the Christian Faith lies in our material wealth or how much can God bless His people with so much material wealth, with the exception of Solomon, for he is indeed wealthy beyond count. Looking at Solomon’s life, he led a life of rebellion, lust, and abandoned betrayal of his first love. Shall we heed the wise Solomon’s warning, all is vanity including our material wealth and the prosperity gospel preachers? As it is, we see how true Solomon’s message in the ongoing investigation of these preachers in their lavished lifestyle, that can’t match what the Bible preaches. While we see their sin being exposed, their message diluted, their testimonies watered down, I pray that they too will repent and proclaim victorious through Jesus, like one of my respected man – Jim Bakker, who openly admitted he was wrong and now is being used by God to be His mouthpiece to serve, than to be served.

For self designated prophets with all their false prophecies, I am not surprised nor am i shocked by their audacity in proudly proclaiming and yet, the scriptures is true, a prophet is judged by his prophecies. People like Benny Hinn, Kim Clement, and many who came in the name of Christ, prophesies in His name, yet, missing out on the very purpose of such proclaimation ought to achieve, to bring all who listened to the attention of God Himself, be it a message to call people to repentance, to focus our attention on God despite persecution, offering hope that Jesus is true to His promises He will be back and it is all about Him, not the prophet. As we hear our Father’s heart, we all can be discerning on these false prophet’s message that seems to be so ‘Christianized’ but denying the power of the Cross.

Underneath all these, I see the darker, more sinister forces at work, with these false prophets, false teachers heralding the arrival of ministers disguised in sheeps clothing, to preaching a message that deny all Christ’s divinity and His character. Saying the virgin birth is a myth, restyling the entire new testament to strip off all miracles, they have rendered Christ to mere human. With such travesty, they have no qualms in even having a version of the bible that is nothing more than a bible of atheism. Indeed, the Christian Church is under fire, with enemies laying siege all around, and we shall sit in and wait for the our commander to come to our rescue.


Pope’s criticism of Atheism and Modern Christianity

4 12 2007

Taken from the Article on

Benedict also critically questioned modern Christianity, saying its focus on individual salvation had ignored Jesus’s message that true Christian hope involves salvation for all.

While i agree with Benedict in his assessment on the danger of Atheism and its roots, i find his assessment of Modern Christianity erroneous. Modern Christianity does not ignore Salvation for all, as God desires all to be saved (Sovereign Will of God) but we cannot ignore that God will not override Man’s decision to reject Him. In view of the principles of Free Will, and Omniscient of God, Modern Christianity also believes in the fact, the group of people will be smaller that will walk through the narrow gate. The Pope’s ignoring this, is not surprising, especially considering the ecumenical efforts and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. While the Church should be focus on individual salvation, they must not ignore the mission field and presenting the Message of Hope through Jesus as the Good News to all, both rich and poor, uneducated and the learned.

“This ‘intermediate phase’ we know all too well, and we also know how it then developed, not ushering in a perfect world, but leaving behind a trail of appalling destruction,” Benedict wrote

Not particular surprised by Benedict’s abhorrence of Lenin and Karl Marx’s philosopher, considering he himself a fanatic fascism follower of Hitler’s Nazi. While condemning Karl Marx and the atheistic revolution, he simply ignores the other evil which he himself was part of, Nazism, and fascism. And through Fascism, Aryan teachings have taken roots in many parts of America, and Europe, and equally as destructive as the effects of Atheism has around the world.

Are you confused?

1 12 2007

I do not usually approve such comment, but for this specific one, I would want to show God loves this person, despite the confusion and the anger from years of ‘church’ christianity that has shown what not faith is all about. Here’s the comment from a beloved brother.

I personally believe that the bible was written several hundred years ago, published and distributed in an attempt (by governing authorities) to control the masses of the public.

The bible which contains 66 books were written over the span of 3000 years. This is a historical fact, can be proven scientifically, historically. And in fact, its first public distribution was by Gutherberg in 1472. And however, through the many years contradicting to your belief, many governing authorities tried to destroy the Scriptures – from the Roman Empire Emperor Nero being the worst persecutor of Christians, from Communism, to Nazism. In fact Lenin and Karl Marx said, Christianity is a clutch for humankind. Perhaps the closest to Authorities using Christianity or rather their Christianity which its fundamental beliefs are far from the Scriptural Christianity to motivate the public to war like the Papacy in the Crusades. But hardly the Popes are Christians themselves than murderers.

Using the bible was a way for the U.S. Government to control the public by appealing to their conscious through a mythical authority such as “God”, “Jesus”, or even the “Devil”, or “Satan”.

You may be surprised, more Americans do not believe in Devil or even a personal saviour like Jesus within the government of America. Do you think George Bush is a Christian more for political favour and affiliation than an actual relationship with Jesus? Or Hilliary Clinton? I am not in position to judge, but their actions speak volume about their lifestyle that’s not consistent with the Scriptures.

I fell for this shit as a teenager. I lived my earlier years dealing with this life oppressing and life altering bullshit. I finally discovered that as a black man living in America, instead of relying on “God”, I needed to stake my claim on R-E-S-P-E-C-T by educating myself and by determining that I would NOT allow myself to be disrespected.

I am sorry that in your situation that you were oppressed for a faith in a God you think is hugely epitomized by the White through the subtle racism that influence your view on what the scriptures actually taught. And i do respect your views, however, i urge you brother, to put aside the race factor and read the scripture as it, and see Jesus as who he is. He is not an advocate for the White race, or any Aryan supremacy. Trust me, as an Asian, we had a history with the British Empire colony in Singapore, and i know how you feel.

It’s unfortunate that a lot, if not most, of Black Americans have fallen victim to this religious bullshit called Christianity. I now refuse to believe that the “God” of the “Bible” exist. I don’t believe that “Jesus” existed. If he did exist, then HE of all people should have realize that it is totally unfair for an “Almighty God” to require the people of the world (who have had absolutely no type of access to 100% truth or have ever seen a divine miracle by Jesus) to put all of their trust and faith in a person written about around 2000 years ago, who claimed to be the son of God (the so called Creator Of The Universe)in order to be assured of eternal life in paradise rather than an eternal existence in a place of torment.

In  my search for the Truth, one common problem existed, the inevitable evil of Man. Many religion existed for the purpose of rectifying that problem. For the issue of the existence of Jesus, do you believe Napoleon existed? Or even Hitler? Have you ever seen Abraham Lincoln himself? Or maybe do you believe the LAST supper was painted by Leonardo? Well i have never seen any of these people, but i believe they existed, because ONE, they left behind evidences of their existence. Same with Jesus, you said Bible is all confusing, or faith in a person who lived 2000 years ago, in fact, the bible has been anything but confusing. Thousands if not more, scholastic achievement, and scientific achievement are not possible without the revelation within the Scriptures itself. The Bible has been put on trial, and has never failed. And when people said the Scriptures are full of contradictions, it is mostly due to the limited understandings of it. Like when i first studied Shakespeare, it is confusing, until i am more acquainted with the semantics of the languages used.

I understand that this will be almost impossible for most people to comprehend, but if you take time to think about it, and think about what your own opinion of the “Almighty God” is and what you’ve been told about the type of Love and Compassion that the “Almighty God” is suppose to have for YOU and for all of Humanity, you’ll begin to realize that all of the information that you’ve been listening to for all of these years is so damn confusing and contradictary. In other words, IT’S ALL BULLSHIT!!!!!! Doesn’t the bible say that “God is not the author of confusion?” Well, the fact that this is written in the bible means that if YOU TRULY believe that the bible was written by the inspiration of “God”, then the bible contradicted itself just by that statement because the bible is FULL Of Contradictions which creates CONFUSION.

Pick a bible up and turn to the book of Proverbs, and tell me that it is a book that promotes confusion. A lack of understanding of the subjects and context the Bible is saying, is not equal to confusion. Throughout history, Bible is proven consistent, with many intellectuals trying to disprove it but failed. Read Josh McDowell’s attempt to disprove it, but he became a believer because the evidences are overwhelming, and many more. The most amazing thing is, God does not need to prove the bible is the truth, because it is. And He loves you no matter what, and He is extending His invitation to come in and show you the truth, only if you are willing to.

To all of the African American “Christians” out their, Get Off Of Your Knees!!! Don’t Waste Your Time Praying To A God Who Isn’t In The Business Of Granting Requests. You’ve Been Created With All Of The Necessary Tools To Be Self Sufficient. Learn to do what ever it takes to happily exist in this country and to just live on this planet. Consider this message that was written by ME to be the answer to your prayers that just happen to be heard by our TRUE Creator. YOU have what it takes to answer your OWN requests. Get off of your knees and go to work or go back to school and learn something new that you can work at in order to take care of yourselves and your family. If not, just lay down and die. The choice is yours. Either way, you’ll win. But, if you stay on your Knees expecting “God” to do something for you, YOU’LL LOSE!!!!!!!

I agree with you partly. Christians are told to pray and WORK. A lazy hand is a poor man’s curse. The bible encourage us to learn, take care of our families through Work, and it adjusted our attitude to love our God, and our family and those around us. But i dare not move ahead without going down on my knee, and even if i have to move ahead on bended knees, i will do it. Brother, i do not know you, but i will be keeping you in prayer, and I love you and i hope to hear from you. I will not preach Christianity to you, but i want to know more about you. Do write to me 🙂 My Email is God bless you!

The golden compass – movie that kills god.

28 11 2007

“The Golden Compass” is a movie that introduces children to a series of books. The author said “my books are about killing God.” He wants to “kill God in the minds of children.” The movie’s website allows visitors to answer a set of questions and create their own “daemons” that journey alongside them in life. Please consider getting these and giving them out at theaters that screen the film. – Way of the Master

Please spread the word on this movie ” The Golden Compass ” that we should see how another waves of atheism spreading to kill ‘God’ by attacking the children, just like how Harry Potter movies introduce Occult to the minds of our children.