Planetshakers @ Singapore Expo Pavillion

11 04 2008

Went to the Planetshakers concert at Singapore Expo last night. Mercy and I were late and I ain’t in a mood to be late for something so there was something really wrong with my attitude i guess. As soon as we got it, i felt like it is another of these concerts where people get so hyped up and all, but i think God gently rebuked me and I began to repent and started worshiping.

Man, it has to be the best worship I have ever been to for a long long time, and frankly, no churches in Singapore can ever be compared to this. No regards of personal decorum, just outburst of expressions in worship and I was almost dancing, except for the short gap between the chairs that i am ‘stuck’ to the ground.

It was totally engaging, totally outpouring of ourselves in adoration to the Lord, to the Cross, and as we ‘surveyed the Cross’, let our pride be smashed at the foot of the Cross where the expression of God’s love in shown and demonstrated!

There is a new site WORSHIP CENTRAL, a resource for all worshipers, musicians, and worship leaders by the Planetshakers Ministry


Misty Edwards – the Call

22 12 2007

Another video from the Call by Misty Edwards.


13 11 2007


ResoundWorship! I happened to surf into this site, which offers resources for Worship and was listening to this song “All I have” written by Lores and i instantly fell in love with the song. Go check it out.