29 06 2007

“Produce fruits in keeping with repentance” Matt 3:8

How many times have we forgotten about the warnings from John the Baptist? He said in a few lines down, that the ax is already at the oot of the trees, an every tree that does not produce good fruits will be cut down and thrown into the fire. The context of this, John was talking about the Pharisees, who above everyone ought to know what is require of them, but they did not instead they abuse their position.

We often taught that God’s grace extends even to every christians be it they are sinning or not, I agree, however, there are a few considerations, while God’s grace is the same towards the wicked and the righteous, then God’s wrath is at the same time poured out on the wickedness and wicked. The reason why some are not dead from God’s judgment, is because of His Grace.

There is another group of Christians who think they are “Men of God” abused their authority, like the Pharisees, John the Baptist has strong words for them. Bear fruits that are consistent with Repentance or they will be ‘cut’ off from their position. Over the many years, we saw many “Men of God” fell from sexual immorality within their office and scandals. God’s Words is TRUE today, yesterday and tomorrow. If we choose not to submit ourselves to the changing power of the Holy Spirit within our lives and follow our own wicked agenda, bear this word, THE AX IS READY TO CUT YOU OFF FROM YOUR POSITION. Do not be caught in surprise like the young rich man whose life God took that very night he contemplated the enormity of his wealth.


Why Theology is SOOOOOO important!

28 06 2007

You wouldn’t want to go to GOD in prayer and address HIM as “Hey Bud” (Substitute HEY BUD with A**AH, or BU**HA). Now you know why it is SO important to know abit about theology, like who God is, and who Jesus really is. Now all you who reads my blog, don’t waste your life away and go find out more about who our God really is. Cecilia once challenged her class (2 tim 2:2 classes) that we Christians ought to go find out all the names of God and let the revelation of God’s Names change how we approach this Almighty God.

What assumption can do to an ass!

28 06 2007

I installed UBUNTU! (yea yea, so i am a proud user of LINUX! Ubuntu is Linux for human beans!) anyway, the weird thing is that Ubuntu’s multi boot application GRUB doesn’t recognize my Windows XP Pro as i have installed Ubuntu onto one of the three hard disks! And i came home, feeling as usual tired, carried my heavy desktop down to the Computer shop, let them fixed it up for a nominal price like hmmmmph, $10? Waited from 7pm till 9.30pm, and they came back, “Oh we cannot fix it, i’ve got to reinstall the entire Linux and Windows XP as they cannot find the OS!” and it just shows, they have no idea how to use linux. I was mildly disappointed, and i got to drag my sorry arse with the heavy desktop back home, and i sat down determined (Only at that time) to fix it. And walllllaaaa! a mere 4 lines of unix script on the boot.lst of Grub settles it, basically telling GRUB to look into hd0,0 which is the first main drive and list it as one of the option for booting up and Waaaalalalalaa! Now i got a beautiful option of Windows XP Pro on the duo boot menu! Proud of myself, but at the same time, sheer disgust that i can do it in 1 min, and wasted 2 hours 30 mins at the shop!

My Ubuntu Desktop

Walk the morning thoughts

27 06 2007

You know how kids when they got a new shoes and they went off to school, all the other kids will step on their shoes? I used to step on my own shoes so it won’t get dirtied by other people. The mentality carries on when we grow up to adulthood.

Such reaction is without any post processed thought flow put to it. Kids are simply kids, and like how we used to share so fervently about our faith previously but now, there are other considerations which kinda tinted our passion.

As i was waiting for cab, i got duped by two ladies, who came in front of me to get the cab! O well. There is a lesson in every life’s events, and i thought this could be me, that i should not fret nor get angry. Ok, that’s all for now for the walk the morning thoughts!

Much ado about nothing

27 06 2007

Yeah! “Much Ado about nothing” is a Shakespeare play that it is also the first Shakespearean movie made. It was an absolute classic but then again, this post is not about the movie nor about the literature. Over the last few weeks or perhaps months, as i sat down tonight amidst of all the busyness, I realized it is all about much ado about nothing.

I have found myself beginning to grow cold, not my faith which in God’s grace, it is constantly being challenge and refined through trials and even temptations, but it is the passion to study and read His Word. As i have seen in many, not that i physically see, but senses it that the Church on the whole has grown cold in the area of reading His Word.

Christians today care more about getting the best out of a sermon they heard every Sunday out of the pulpit, but left their leather bound bible on the desk or bookshelf throughout the week, hoping and looking forward to another round of recharge that Sunday. I have nothing against finding solace and encouragement from the sermon on Sunday, but to rely solely on that, is like starving ourselves like crazy throughout the week and expect a feast just on Sunday morning? I too, have been guilty of that sin (as the scriptures plainly put it, if we know it is good and not do it, is counted as sin). I have been neglecting my love duty to read His Word regularly, even neglected in studying it. Prayer alone is not quite enough, because the Word is a direct communication that God has spoken through, and through it, we know how we can come to God, and what it meant by reverence.

I am so tired and so busy over everything – work, projects, and more projects and it seems neverending, and more worries about finances, because i have projected a tough time ahead for the next few months at least with huge bills to pay. Not that i do not believe in what Pastor Sally is so convicted that God pays our bills, sometimes, God choose not to, for there are millions of poor Christians out there, and God did not pay for them, not forgetting i believe God did pay for some, for who am i that i should say God shows favoritism. It is not the aim that God should pay my bills, but it is the aim, that despite hardship, and hunger, it is a choice that i can choose to put God first, or just wallowing in self pity. Have you ever wallowing in Self Pity hoping that if God can do this, or that, that everything will be fine? No, of course. It is all about Jesus really. It is all about Him.

God help me to spend time everyday with you, that I may not forget the intimacy possible amidst the schedule and madness, for i am confident, that Jesus is walking with me!

Living above Mediocrity

22 06 2007

I went back to cellgroup last night and it wasn’t what i expected it to be, from the start to the finish, i found myself drawn into a discussion which i dread as much as what i hated what i was previously. However i wonder, if the church is really ‘dead’?

The church has lost its shine, not just passion, but the hunger and thirst for spiritual stuff. Its appetite for God is lost as the church is since Apostle got the stroke. I have to admit, several times, I wonder where the church is heading. It is true that we are not getting the same type of sermons but all credits to what Pastor Frankie is putting in, the church’s number is dropping, less enthusiastic during worship, and for a moment, or actually a few, that the entire service looks like a staged performance.

I really dread the discussion on that last night because i feel keenly that christians today or rather within the church depend on the leadership for their spiritual health. Probably that the church’s built around Apostle does not help when he is missing in action, rather than building it around our faith in Christ. As opposed to what Alex said about no one fights alone, i for one, fought the christian battle alone for the last 8 years? and i survived. My spiritual growth is not depended on human nor the sermons in church, they merely are the additional encouragement, and i am not sure about this, that we ought to be growing from our daily walks in Christ. That everyday ought to be an intimate exchange with God.

One is allowed to argue, or even struggle with God, as i’ve learned, that even at times expressing our difficulty in trusting in Him, or even when doubts crept in about His existence. God will respond. God will show me how real He is. If Christian walk is all smooth, then that i must question if that’s the same God i serve. Adversities have its uncanny ways to make us grow, it forces us to look beyond what humanly strength can possibly be exhausted to what is ultimately infinite, that is only in God. We need to come to that point and realized, it is not me. I’ve done all i can humanly possible and yet fail utterly, and the only way is to trust in Him, and when one reaches that point, it is alot easier to pour the entire being in trusting God, for there is truly, without a ‘me’ in there anymore.

I realized in the midst of the ‘discussion of church’s mediocrity’ that my ministry lies outside of this church, in teaching, and in preaching. But what’s ministry? Someone once asked, should fellowshipping be always constantly on spiritual things, not bridge, or having fun, or having discussion on secular things? Let all our conversation be wholesome and reflecting the grace of our Lord Jesus. (just thinking of a verse in the bible on that, somewhere if i remember vaguely).

If cell is like that every week, i will probably decide to quit it for good? Not sure but that’s definitely not what i have in mind actually…… just a slightest bit of disappointment that it dragged till 11pm. Goosh.

A deeper walk

18 06 2007

From the confusion, God has called into order. From the chaos of my life, God has called sanity to return, to reason, to dwell deeply in the knowledge through faith in His faithfulness.

“Sing O barren woman, you who never bore a child,
Burst into song, shout for joy,
you were never in labour,
Because more are the children of the desolate woman
than of her who has a husband” Says the Lord.

Enlarge the place of your tent
Stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back.
Lengthen your cords
Strengthen your stakes

For you will spread out to the right and to the left;
your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities

Do not be afraid, you will not suffer shame.
Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated.
You will forget the shame of your youth and
remember no more the reproach of your widowhood.

For your Maker is your husband –
The Lord Almighty is His Name
The Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer.
He is called the God of all the earth.

The Lord will call you back
as if you were a wife deserted and distressed in spirit –
a wife who married young
only to be rejected, says the Lord

For a brief moment I abandoned you,
But with deep compassion I will bring you back.

In a surge of anger,
I hid my face from you for a moment.
But with everlasting kindness
I will have compassion on you
says the Lord Your Redeemer.

Isaiah 54:1-8

I spent the whole sunday afternoon with Mercy, and i love those time we talked and spent time together. We went for a show Oceans 13, and saw Jenn at Plaza, and the show was great. And Mercy enjoyed herself. We took a walk down Orchard and we talked about what happened on Saturday, and we shared a couple of things about blogging, the Grace of God, and other things.

Blogging is an expression of oneself, it could be objective, but ultimately it is all about ourselves.

The Grace of God is so amazing. None of us Christians can claim to be perfect, without Sin, for if we do, we call God a liar, but He is not! Yet, when i sinned, i was not strike down. The Grace of God is something that gave us the reason to hope, the reason to go on and try to be perfect, to try to be obedient, to try to be perfect, but when we do fall, we know we have a second chance.

It has to be one of nicest afternoon we spent together. I love Mercy!!!!! She is the best!