Battle of Wills

28 12 2009

There is a battle which we often tend to ignore or not noticing its importance, the battle of wills. I remember not so fondly about the times in one of my army trainings, my instructor will say it is all in the mind, physical pain is nothing. At that time, I thought he was being ridiculous. Fortunately over the years, I realized the simple truth in that, the battle of our mind and will precedes the toughest of battles in life. Whether we are preparing for a tough time ahead in our career, or tackling a monster of some undesired habits, or even through some struggles, the crud of the tipping point of victory lies in us facing the issue in the will.

The problem is not about victory in life, but that we are holding on to a defeated mindset of the past life – the fallen nature, and refusal to put on the right identity of Christ. Of all people, I am guilty of all the charges. Despite knowing all these, does not mean I have gotten the victory, as knowledge is but a first step to gaining that victory. Through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in revelation given to us through the Word of God, it is our decision now, to fight it out in the battle of will, to allow ourselves to be transformed first in our mind, next through our lives, that we will grow to be more like Christ. This battle is part of a life long war waged against the fallen world and nature.

Great dream

21 12 2009

This girl is only 14 year old and she attempted to sail around the world, unfortunately this world has no place for her big dream. How often, have our dreams being killed by those who either cannot understand, intolerance of them, or incapable of dreaming? I wonder.