Prosperity Gospel preachers under investigation

9 11 2007

The consequences of iniquities will find us out, this is an eternal principle which governs the righteousness of God and His judgment is fair. For years, i have written against the message of prosperity gospel which the fruits of the preachers will be judged. As God used the wicked Babylonians to judge Judah and Israel, so God will use the system outside of the Church to judge them, if the Church is incapable to do so.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has commissioned a thorough investigation on six prominent prosperity gospel preachers.

  • Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
  • Creflo and Taffi Dollar
  • Benny Hinn
  • Bishop Eddie Long
  • Joyce and David Meyer
  • Randy and Paula White

The above six ministries are under investigation for irregular tax reports and various financial activities that don’t comply to the laws governing religious organisations in America.

In many cases, these preachers live an extravagant lifestyle above humility Christ shown us in his ministry on earth, these preachers are more concerned about building their own kingdom here on earth. Often to the expenses of poor communities in America and around the world. Many ministries involving these six and affiliated are under investigations, including Oral Robert University where Kenneth and Gloria Copeland are in the board of regents, is under investigation and involving a financial scandal on its own.

Just in Singapore for the last few weeks, after the NKF (National Kidney Foundation), a charitable organization which was investigated, the latest being Ren Ci Organization, a charitable buddhist organization is now being investigated for the huge amount of money they solicitation through TV charity shows, and irregularities in their investment and loans to companies.

The root of prosperity gospel is in the greed where these preachers, whether knowingly or not, has blinded them. Despite the potential reach of their ministries to tell the world about Christ, their testimonies are now a blight in light of Christ’s and has shown us, the Church, that we are all guilty for not being a watchman and to judge each other in love.

We need to watch each other’s lifestyle and doctrines that we remain accountable and blameless even before the world that we will not shame the name of Jesus. I can’t say the same with these super preachers of their own message of greed.