I am ready

28 02 2007

I am ready to go to whatever ends it might be, wholly discovering the shallowness of this all that i am, inadequate, that the place i am heading, will not matter for big and small, poor or rich, will be, just as i am.


Sanhedrin and the Anti Christ

28 02 2007

Article: Present-day Sanhedrin court seeks to revive ancient Temple rituals

Jesus was led before the Sanhredin (Matthew 26:57-68). Who are the Sanhredin? They are a group of Jewish priests who are charged with the duties of recognizing the Messiah, however they failed to recognize Jesus 2000 years ago, and they will again fail to do so in future. However, the news in the article is a significant step in God’s time in history, when they will recognize ‘the messiah’ who is the Anti Christ. This reinstitution of the body of Sanhredin in Israel is not a mistake, nor a coincidence, but an important milestone in the impending return of Christ.

Jesus’ family tomb

27 02 2007

The tomb of Jesus?

The Jesus family tomb – an upcoming movie that claims like Dan Brown, Jesus never died, in fact he had a son call Judas with Mary Magdalene, and now this James Cameron announced to the world that they found evidences that support this with a tomb that was discovered in Jerusalem in the 1980s.

Bar-Ilan University Professor Amos Kloner, a Jerusalem archeologist who officially oversaw the work at the tomb in 1980 and has published detailed findings on its contents, dismissed the claims. “It makes a great story for a TV film,” he told The Jerusalem Post Saturday night. “But it’s impossible. It’s nonsense,” he said

Like many gnostic including Dan Brown with his Davinci Code, James Cameron is another who with this sensational movie hopes to make millions. The University archaeologist Professor Amos Kloner himself dispute this claim, like Dan Brown’s research, it is flawed.

Why would this be so significant to the Christian faith? If anyone can prove that the event of resurrection did not happen, Christianity will fall. The singular foundation of our faith and our salvation is based on Jesus’ resurrection. (Romans 10:9-14)

The death of Christ deals with our Sin, Jesus is the ultimate Sin offering, which is the problem of Sin that which separated us from fellowship with God, and Resurrection deals with the effects of Sin, death primarily. Through Christ’s resurrection, death is defeated, the power of the Law is demolished in us, that we are no longer bound by the power of the Law (for none of us can by ourselves fulfill it, but Christ fulfill all laws). Therefore when a believer confesses with his mouth and believe that God raised Jesus from the death, he will be saved!

The devil wants to discredit this event, when people and even christians choose to believe that Jesus never did die and had children, the crux of our christian faith lies in ruin. However, even when produced with evidences that this movie is nothing but another Davinci Code sensation, many will not believe, for they are blinded. 2 Thessalonians 2:10 – They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved” for this reason, God sent a powerful delusion, that they will believe the lie and so have no believed the truth and doom themselves to destruction and wickedness. Truly the consequences of Sin are not just eternal death, but destruction based on our belief in a lie. I plead that whosoever watches this movie, stands firm in your faith.

Why the resurrection is a truth, and why James Cameron’s research is flawed?

The resurrection is a factual event while this Tomb is not. Resurrection is confirmed by more than 70 people, of whom of different groups, and of different social circle of Jesus. The Tomb today is empty, otherwise the Pharisees would use it to squash all rumours of Jesus being resurrected. The strongest evidence presented here, is not from a favourable group, but enemies of Christ. What easier way to destroy a new sect than to hit at the foundation of their belief – the resurrection. The resurrection and the incidents have been recorded by both within the church, and outside the church. Romans besides great conquerors, they detailed historical events carefully such as Josephus etc.

This tomb is based on inscription of which the expert at the university in Jerusalem has disputed its authenticity.

If this is true, than Dan Brown’s research must be true, but their researches are flawed as their resting place of Mary is contradicting each other, so who is right and who is wrong? Both.

On the more spiritual note, this movie and many more, will come and hit at the central doctrines of Christianity – the person of Jesus, His death, and His resurrection. Josh McDowell has a line of argument which easily point us the right way – Who is Jesus? Is he a liar, lunatic or really Lord?

Liar, will a good man die for a lie? Jesus died because He said he is God himself, that’s the charge that puts him on the Cross. Will thousands if not millions die a martyr death since the Roman Empire till today in India, and remote pat of Africa? That they are willing to die for their faith in Christ? Will you die for a lie?

Lunatic. Jesus’ teachings have confounded the world even the skeptics. Thousands may not acknowledge His deity, but cannot deny the clarity and love in the teaching of this man. Jesus is the single inspiration for many advances in our world today – education, science, philosophy, sociology, etc.

If Jesus is not a liar, or a lunatic, He must be Lord! He said He is, and He died for our sins, and He is risen from the dead and the tomb is empty today. This is my creed and my faith that Jesus died and rose again and sits at the right hand of our Father interceding for us!

Size of a Church

26 02 2007
Size is not a factor to consider in judging the success of any church. Some churches blessed of God are very small, while some that are very large have little to no spiritual fruit. A church’s spiritual life can’t be measured by its numbers because it’s easy to attract people. It’s far more difficult to make disciples. Yet it appears as though churches across America are in a contest to build the biggest churches. In fact, conferences are held across our country to teach people how to do that. I’ve never gone to one, and I don’t intend to. Size is irrelevant to God.” —John MacArthur

I have nothing against big churches, but i am often critical when people came up to me boasting about the size of the church, the programs, the famous pastors, etc. John MacArthur puts it well, Size is irrelevant to God. God is more interested in the lives of the Christians and it is truly through His Strength that my weaknesses are made perfect, so i will not boast in myself but in His Grace.

Modern Worship vs Doctrines

26 02 2007

One of the major components in today’s Christianity is Worship. Since the charismatic explosion in the early 1900s in the West – America in particular, Christians founded a new era of expression in the systematic duties of a christian, the paradigm shift from primarily TEACHINGS of the early churches to the Reformation, today, Worship held an important aspect of our christian faith.

I’ve often wondered after attending services from an Assemblies of God church, to a Charismatic Church, to a Presbyterian Church and now back to a Chrismatic Church, and have seen and involved in the Church music ministry, i often wonder, how many christians who were singing the songs actually thought through what’s being sung? There are two aspects of this, when we sing, we declare what the song proclaims – Lord i give you my heart, i give you my soul, i live for you alone.. WAIT a min, am i really living it for Him alone?

It was in the music ministry practise that the worship leader asked “what do we want in worship”, some said freedom of worshipping God, forgetting about others and just immersed in worship, etc. I felt indifferent when posed a question like that – i didn’t want to answer, not that i do not know the answer but i cannot coherently put forth intelligently what i am thinking. I had a real tiring weekend and i felt i haven’t accomplished anything except rushing here and there and it is totally meaningless. I will speak fearlessly without fear of people or how people will feel, and i pray i will speak what’s right and what’s wrong according to the standard of God. To do so, i must match it up with my life. Tiredness and stress have caused me to hurt Mercy and i must be strong to handle the finances and not be so careless with it.

I am so sick of life, I am so sick of doing the meaningless thing just to keep up with looking good, and i am so sick of meeting up to people’s expectation. No, i will handle my spiritual walk with God on my own as i have had done so for so many years, i do not need people in my walk with God. I had enough of humanity, and i will be nice to people but i will choose whom i invest my life in. I am so TIRED of it all, God i want to end my life and i am reminded of the vow i made that it will all end at 35, sounds like i am brought back to that vow.

I am not a good person, and i am a bad boyfriend and will make a terrible husband, and i am a horrible christian, i can never ever do the right thing so far. What’s the point of trying so hard…. when what i did, has hurt the very person i love. I do not want to meet people’s expectation anymore.

Coming back to the topic, most worship songs fail the standard of doctrinal scrutiny. One main doctrinal errors in Worship songs, we were never to worship the Holy Spirit, or even Jesus, for Jesus and the Holy Spirit always direct Worship to God alone. We humanized Jesus to a lover, however, it is God who loves us so much that He gave his Son to die for us. The focus of modern worship appeals to the emotions, and violated sound teachings of the Apostles and that alone, is a cause of concern for doctrinal heresy.

So my answer what i want in worship? Not to be a hypocrite when we sing and declare and that we will truly understand what’s a true worshipper.

I am a nobody

26 02 2007

In eons ago, i am an alcoholic, one without prudence in my handling of finances, and as a result, disappointing to many and i can’t forgive myself – riches is something i abhor. As i was reading Proverbs one verse spoke to me so much about 2 to 3 years ago which changed my perspective about life.

Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant, than pretend to be somebody and have no food. Proverbs 12:9

I often wonder, am i a person that’s defined by my character, values, clothes i wear, my mannerism, etc. True, as the sayings go, a man’s characters are a reflection of his mannerism, but i realised all of the above’s not what makes a man tho they might be a secondary indication. What is more important is how i relate myself to God.

Now that i am meeting people, like Mercy’s parents, there are some stresses along with it to keep up with appearance or when i meet a client in office or outside, Mercy’s very right to say i should wear appropriately to meet them, but where is the limit to wearing so obstentiously that it crosses the line of putting up a false pretense. I am still discovering that for myself. One thing has never changed, my single purpose that’s driving my life, my passion, my mind, my everything is the desire to seek God and to please Him first. I crave and I long for God’s approval and His mark of pleasure in what i do, let me not divert from that and let me live, i live it for God. Oh i love Mercy too, but i can’t love her enough when i can’t love God more than her.

Bible – 101 scientific facts & Foreknowledge

23 02 2007

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.” Psalm 19:1-3

Check out this site, which listed 101 scientific facts that supports the Word of God as foreknowledge. Very interesting read.