Singapore v Tajikistan

10 11 2007

National Stadium

It is the start of the World Cup 2010 Asian Qualifying round where Singapore meet Tajikistan at the National Stadium, where the host went on the win 2-0.

The crowd was merely less than 5,000 and the shouts and cheers were a reminiscence of the past days where Jenn and I went to support Singapore playing against Pahang, Penang, Selangor in the Malaysia Cup days. There wasn’t a Kallang wave, or the Lions roar, perhaps an occasional outburst of the familiar swearing at the referee, but all was another boring game. At least the opportunity was rescued by the fact that i went ahead to spend time with Josiah, who was alone. I thought it was nice having to watch football with him, who i can tell, has a strong interest to write for Sports and Football specifically.

After the game, i went off to meet Mercy which is her birthday TODAY!! yes 10 Nov. We spent some time together outside till about 2am. I am glad to have been there for her on her birthday. Well Singapore is meeting Tajikistan this sunday and hopefully to beat them at their home ground to go on to the Asian Qualifying Group stages.


Nashville: Redefining a new generation

4 11 2007

I am in Singapore and i’ve been hearing a lot about Nashville and the Call which fell on the 7th July 2007. Mercy has been talking alot about the Call and she has been listening to Misty Edwards who was a worship leader at this conference.

I believe God is raising up a standard through every new generation; from Joshua, to Gideon, to David, to the Apostolic church, and in today Evangelical movement, there are huge emphasis been placed on the Youth, the Generation  Y. I reflected on this over the last few days, there must be more than this.

When 100,000 gathered at Nashville, to pray and to intercede and to repent on behalf of their nation – America, something must happen, like in Nineveh, where the entire city repented from the message of Jonah, and the same, will America repent from their wicked ways? Mercy said i shouldn’t be so critical and so skeptical; in fact i am not, i am just wondering, is this another feel good session of the masses, or will the action and prayer of those 100,000 at the Conference reverberated throughout time? Many will turn back from their wicked ways – drugs, sexual sins, adultery, etc to God.

How about Singapore? We stood at the edge of a moral revolution in the advance of the homosexual community, can we the church stand in the gap and pray? I was walking out from Mercy’s place a few days ago after sending her back, and began to pray, that there must be more, i am tired of traditional ritualistic church habits that we need to press in, aren’t we tired what we are doing day in day out? I pray God will deliver me soon from this predicament of being trapped in the mundane of the worldly


25 10 2007

If anyone were to know me, i am mostly negative about the government etc. Until recently after a long drawn out debate with Mercy, who pointed out some important points on fair appraisal of our government, i decided to come up with some of the good things our government has done. (Mercy came up with 10 too, but i decided it should come from me instead on this blog).

At least 90% of the younger generation of Singaporeans are educated to a certain extent, and it is mandatory for a child below 12 to go through at least Primary School education. While this is one of the strongest achievements for the government, in contrast to the neighbouring countries like Laos, indonesia where it is a privilege to receive education. This is something we all took it for granted, isn’t it?

Clean water
We are so blessed to have clean water delivered to our house, without us going to the wells with pails and buckets, or to deal with diseases or unclean water, etc. Thank God for the clean water that flows from the tap and when we turn on the shower head with hot water!

Singapore boast of one of the finest public transportation system in the world, and it is even studied by the more developed countries in Europe and by China. We have efficient MRT station, good network of public buses, and a fleet of quite accessible taxi services.

Legal System
While most would argue on Singapore’s Legal system, i think with an incident in the last few weeks would be evidence for Singapore’s stand on the Law, and the 337, where the government maintains its stand to keep this legislation in the legal system – the Homosexual Act. That they are not bowing down to pressures of the homosexual community to repeal this code in the legal system.

Even though the cost of housing here is extremely high, the very least that the government makes sure that the huge majority is comfortably homed. Unlike India or other countries, where public housing is a question and been the major problem for the authorities.

Comparing to other countries even in Europe, Singapore is relatively safer in terms of low crime rates. We enjoy a faster response to Police services, Fire Safety coverage or even ambulances services too. This is by no mean small feats, and this is partly due to the efficient traffic grid system we have in Singapore