The universe and me

30 11 2009

If the relative size of a speck of dust compared to the universe is so insignificant then so is ourselves? Can we measure who we are and what our destiny should be to such drastic comparison? Such comparison is mere exaggeration and inaccurate to say the least but it is how human tend to use to say something about their destiny or themselves don’t they?

The importance of one’s worth and destiny is not measured merely in its size but on which those worth and destiny are built on? Is it built on a good cause, material wealth or something bigger than ourselves? One said that unless our worth, destiny lies in a bigger cause than ourselves, it is not worth a single moment of our lives. Question is what is my worth? It is immeasurably big, bigger than this universe because it is rooted in the very cause in relentless pursuit of who God is, that is the bedrock of my worth and destiny.



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