Taking the fight against Homosexuality

31 10 2007

In recent years, the homosexual community in Singapore has been making progress in effort to legalize their way of life, and to getting the government to endorse the homosexual lifestyle through first, relaxing the enforcement of laws on gay activities. In the last few weeks, aside from the occasional earthquakes in Indonesia sparking off fears of another tsunami, a spiritual tsunami resulted from the quakes of homosexuality and its tremors can be felt in the Parliament and in the legislative circle, and not least, throughout the entire Christian community in this island-state.

As i was chatting with Eric after church about the homosexuals fight to repeal 377A (the law that bans sexual activities between men), is the same when pro-abortion groups fought to legalize abortion, and the church did not act in time to prevent that from happening. The implications are huge and wide, considering how this signals the changing climate of the social structure of Singapore towards homosexuals. If the churches in Singapore continue to slumber, we will  be seeing how the law 337A will be repealed and taken off the Law and there, floods of immoralities will engulf Singapore. Do we want that?

As we seek to restrain homosexuality, not through violence or anger or prejudices, but with the Good News in the Gospel, that salvation is for these people who needs God. In order to restrain such wickedness, the church must wake up and advance to show Love to these people.


Footsteps in the river of time

31 10 2007
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Moving into designing?

28 10 2007



Two designs i did for the Intercession ministry and Youth Ministry Vibrant caused me to rethink what i want to do, perhaps in a design service?

Taking Revival to the World | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

28 10 2007

Taking Revival to the World | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

A very good article about Hillsongs Australia, now having started up churches in London, Paris and Kiev. While the author explores the corporate operations of the church stemming out of Australia Sydney, the fundamental theological makeup of Hillsongs in the usual Pentecostal’s prosperity message, and to the various agendas as perceived by many of its anti-hillsongs groups, i believe that if a church were to hit the world, it needs to be salty.

Pastor Frankie shared on why John the Baptist was called the Greatest prophet of his time and before by Jesus, because John turned the nation back to God. How many John the Baptist we have today? Hillsongs, while many will see them as cavalier, and all about money, they have done more good than those critics who have not lifted their finger to impact their world for Jesus as Hillsongs have done. From the community driven projects to Hope Rwanda, to Hillsongs Europe, many people have turned back to God cos of their songs, their elaborated social community projects, their driven worship; as many are turning to God.

Hillsongs are impacting the generation for Christ, are you? Am i? This generation is to lose or gain by our decision everyday to live as Christ did. Time does not allow us to live as we pleased, for Christ will come back soon, and when He did, will he see a generation lost by our slumber?


25 10 2007

If anyone were to know me, i am mostly negative about the government etc. Until recently after a long drawn out debate with Mercy, who pointed out some important points on fair appraisal of our government, i decided to come up with some of the good things our government has done. (Mercy came up with 10 too, but i decided it should come from me instead on this blog).

At least 90% of the younger generation of Singaporeans are educated to a certain extent, and it is mandatory for a child below 12 to go through at least Primary School education. While this is one of the strongest achievements for the government, in contrast to the neighbouring countries like Laos, indonesia where it is a privilege to receive education. This is something we all took it for granted, isn’t it?

Clean water
We are so blessed to have clean water delivered to our house, without us going to the wells with pails and buckets, or to deal with diseases or unclean water, etc. Thank God for the clean water that flows from the tap and when we turn on the shower head with hot water!

Singapore boast of one of the finest public transportation system in the world, and it is even studied by the more developed countries in Europe and by China. We have efficient MRT station, good network of public buses, and a fleet of quite accessible taxi services.

Legal System
While most would argue on Singapore’s Legal system, i think with an incident in the last few weeks would be evidence for Singapore’s stand on the Law, and the 337, where the government maintains its stand to keep this legislation in the legal system – the Homosexual Act. That they are not bowing down to pressures of the homosexual community to repeal this code in the legal system.

Even though the cost of housing here is extremely high, the very least that the government makes sure that the huge majority is comfortably homed. Unlike India or other countries, where public housing is a question and been the major problem for the authorities.

Comparing to other countries even in Europe, Singapore is relatively safer in terms of low crime rates. We enjoy a faster response to Police services, Fire Safety coverage or even ambulances services too. This is by no mean small feats, and this is partly due to the efficient traffic grid system we have in Singapore


24 10 2007


I was waiting for Mercy yesterday at Toa Payoh Central, and i saw two very old ladies selling tissues. I bought from them, and as i was standing and looking at the two ladies trying to sell their stuff to the people around them, people just walked off or ignored them. My heart broke when i saw how these two ladies helping each other to sell tissues for maybe $1, and people, obviously, they can afford that $1, did not give any notice to these 2 old folk. I wish i had more to give, like bringing them to a nice meal, and perhaps, organize a trip to the zoo, hire a bus, gather the whole lot of them to bring them out on a nice saturday afternoon with all expenses paid for, their meals, etc with people to talk and spend time with them. Thinking about this, i saw another old lady at Toa Payoh on monday in dirty rags, begging for food, NOT money, and people just walked past this old lady. Almost cried, and went back to look for her so i can bring her for a nice dinner, but i can’t find her after that.

God dropped a note in my heart that two days – Holiness is when we do what pleases God, not just preaching about it, or talking about it. What pleases the Lord – putting Him first, then we must care for the poor, widowed, and the orphans. How many Christians today are doing that? They are more skeptical about these people being in a syndicate than to really care. I realized, one of the key things to realize the call of a person, is what moves the person to care – for me, is to teach, and to care for the poor, and old folk. I want to be able to bring some joy and definitely pointing them to Jesus so at the end of their lives, they will know that there is a God who loves and cares for them.  I think, this is what holiness is all about.

Spirit-led or Sound Exegesis?

22 10 2007

I’ve been helping my pastor for the last week to look through a text submitted by one of the church members, and it wasn’t an easy task. There were numerous if not the entire book, poor structure of flow in the presentation of information, plenty of grammatical errors, lack of expository notes and explanations, many examples without relevant references or probably without any references at all, and last but not least, a book that borders on personal grandeur that borders on arrogance. At the end of the exercise, I came to a few conclusions – many are not equipped with sound exegesis and hermeneutics knowledge and techniques, and even more, ill-equipped to handle such.