As an old scottish preacher has long ago said…

30 04 2008

The old Scottish preacher Henry Drummond was right on target when he said, “[Jesus] built no church [buildings], wrote no book, left no money, and erected no monuments, yet show me ten square miles in the whole earth without Christianity where the life of man and the purity of women are respected and I will give up Christianity.”

Pastor Rachel sent me an email of how Atheism has invaded the youtube space in challenging the Christian faith with questions like can God heal an amputated patient? While the question is totally legitimate, i would hold on to answer the question without exploring what world view in which this question is asked.

I am attempting to present our side of statement, not necessarily an argument, from a point view of a world view that’s consistent with God’s Words. The problem of SIN extends far beyond the damage of our relationship with God, but ultimately in our view towards problems, and in ourselves – a perverted and distorted perception that is not only consistent with what God said about them in the Book of Romans, but define the darkness that exudes from the Atheist mindset.

It was not a coincidence when we talked about Sin in the foundation class with Boon Wan last Sunday and Pastor Sally’s message is on the Sin and the mindset of the Flesh, and in the issue of Christians walking in the flesh or in the Spirit. I believe it is a wake up call from God especially in my life, in the various areas of my flesh, i need to particularly look out for and stay humble.

It is time to walk the talk, and not just talk the talk

On the edge of spiritual dis-satisfaction!

22 11 2007

Was watching this drama on the mobile-TV on board the bus last night call “Life Story” and sometimes, i just looked at the world, the gross injustice on why good people has to suffer sometimes while the wicked prospers! It reflects how wicked and sinful human race has become, or rather fallen into. I see such injustice day in day out, from old folk begging for a living selling tissue papers when people walked past them, and i do not care about whether these are from a syndicate, because they do get paid, if they are, and what’s $1 to support them? I see how people are not getting a chance at life especially ex-convicts, or even people who had done wrong. If Christ has forgiven their sins, who am i to judge them? How self righteous i am!

Was talking to Mercy one night why Christians are sometimes worse off than Non Christians. One reason is that most of the time, Christians tend to be self righteous, when non christians are not. They accept people more readily than people who are forgiven and ought to extend that same Grace and Mercy shown to them, but failed to. The injustice among the world is not as heart breaking as those witnessed within the Church. Where millions around us are dying, without God, without proper meal, and here we are, ministers who suppose to represent God, are enjoying a millionaire lifestyle with private jets, million dollars estate, and driving luxury cars. These ministers and Christians live like Kings on this earth, but forgotten about servanthood and as bond slaves in the Kingdom of God. One thing i realized, why i do not want to talk about the slums in India, because, i see the same condition of hopelessness, and desperation in my country, with old folk off Commonwealth Close, Toa Payoh, the modern slum littering the ‘dark alleys’ of our sophisticated cosmopolitan society. Why are Churches building a multi million dollar corporation and neglecting the essence of Christian lifestyle – to care for the poor, widow and orphans of our nations? Where do i direct such anger that i, echoed what Paul said, the chief of all sinners, except that i am nothing like Apostle Paul.

Where am i heading? A deeper intimacy with God will cause a radical dis-satisfaction with your spiritual life, and with your life and ultimately your attitudes and values. One cannot hold on to their WANTS, and not nailed it to the Cross, and carrying it daily if we desire to follow Christ. He demand nothing less than total commitment. Jesus is coming back real soon, real soon, and when He does, will he say, “Good and Faithful servant” or “Away from me, i do not know you.”