On the edge of spiritual dis-satisfaction!

22 11 2007

Was watching this drama on the mobile-TV on board the bus last night call “Life Story” and sometimes, i just looked at the world, the gross injustice on why good people has to suffer sometimes while the wicked prospers! It reflects how wicked and sinful human race has become, or rather fallen into. I see such injustice day in day out, from old folk begging for a living selling tissue papers when people walked past them, and i do not care about whether these are from a syndicate, because they do get paid, if they are, and what’s $1 to support them? I see how people are not getting a chance at life especially ex-convicts, or even people who had done wrong. If Christ has forgiven their sins, who am i to judge them? How self righteous i am!

Was talking to Mercy one night why Christians are sometimes worse off than Non Christians. One reason is that most of the time, Christians tend to be self righteous, when non christians are not. They accept people more readily than people who are forgiven and ought to extend that same Grace and Mercy shown to them, but failed to. The injustice among the world is not as heart breaking as those witnessed within the Church. Where millions around us are dying, without God, without proper meal, and here we are, ministers who suppose to represent God, are enjoying a millionaire lifestyle with private jets, million dollars estate, and driving luxury cars. These ministers and Christians live like Kings on this earth, but forgotten about servanthood and as bond slaves in the Kingdom of God. One thing i realized, why i do not want to talk about the slums in India, because, i see the same condition of hopelessness, and desperation in my country, with old folk off Commonwealth Close, Toa Payoh, the modern slum littering the ‘dark alleys’ of our sophisticated cosmopolitan society. Why are Churches building a multi million dollar corporation and neglecting the essence of Christian lifestyle – to care for the poor, widow and orphans of our nations? Where do i direct such anger that i, echoed what Paul said, the chief of all sinners, except that i am nothing like Apostle Paul.

Where am i heading? A deeper intimacy with God will cause a radical dis-satisfaction with your spiritual life, and with your life and ultimately your attitudes and values. One cannot hold on to their WANTS, and not nailed it to the Cross, and carrying it daily if we desire to follow Christ. He demand nothing less than total commitment. Jesus is coming back real soon, real soon, and when He does, will he say, “Good and Faithful servant” or “Away from me, i do not know you.”




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22 11 2007

An alternative view on Panhandling. The living standards of the lower income in Singapore is far better than many Asean countries.

In Philippines, 44 per cent of the population subsisted on US$2 or less a day. Philippine minimum wage per day: about =P= 280.(US$7)
Budget Meal – P40 (US$1)
Canadian minimum wage per hour: $Cad 8
A burger: about $Cad 4
In Canada, one hour’s wage can satisfy one meal but in the Philippines, one day’s wage would normally go into food only. Take note that not all Filipinos even earn that much money. Many make less that =P= 280 a day.

Read “Girl’s suicide linked to Philippines poverty”

Laos is currently one of the poorest of the 177 countries of the world, a per capita income of U$500. Many vendors or tuk-tuk drivers are happy to earn US$1 a day, and off they go to take a nap.

Welfare support in Singapore provides a meagre but livable allowance of U$200(S$290) a month for those elderly without dependents. It isnt much, but livable as a meal of rice or noodles cost US$2. And many welfare groups provide free necessities like rice, biscuits etc to those stay in low-income areas.

Furthermore, unlicensed street vending & Panhandling are illegal activities in Singapore. And the surprising news is out of 5 beggars arrested, 3 are foreigners. Some Indonesians, pretend to be deaf & dumb, sell keychains for US$7. I wouldnt be surprised if the majority of the tissue sellers are foreigners too. Hey, why is the foreigner begging over here? Answer is in the last paragraph.


People who in need of help (even financially) can approach the RC member / social worker for help. Of course, there are some ‘iron teeth’ (stubborn) senior people who just refuse help and wanna to earn the money themselves, legal or not.

My cell mate in my previous church, in his early seventies, worked happily as a toilet cleaner for a few hundred dollars a month, and proudly contributes to the weekly offering bag.

Contrary to common belief, panhandlers and homeless people are not necessarily one and the same. Many studies have found that only a small percentage of homeless people panhandle, and only a small percentage of panhandlers are homeless. Most studies conclude that panhandlers make rational economic choices–that is, they look to make money in the most efficient way possible, in the shortest amount time.

Many senior citizens work here in McDonald’s serving burgers for US$3 an hour.

Most panhandlers are not interested in regular employment, particularly not minimum-wage labor, which many believe would scarcely be more profitable than panhandling. Some panhandlers’ refusal to look for regular employment is better explained by their unwillingness or inability to commit to regular work hours, often because of substance abuse problems.

Panhandlers need to go where the money is. In other words, they need to panhandle in communities and specific locations where the opportunities to collect money are best–where there are a lot of pedestrians or motorists, especially those who are most likely to have money and to give it.

Panhandling is more common in communities that provide a high level of social services to the needy, because the same citizens who support social services are also likely to give money directly to panhandlers; panhandlers are drawn to communities where both free social services and generous passersby are plentiful.

Prov26.13 The slothful man saith, There is a lion in the way; a lion is in the streets.

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