What a way to start his legacy – Obama.

27 01 2009

Obama within his first week of presidency, other than closing Guantanamo Bay, signed off to rescind “Mexico City Ban” on funding for Abortion. What a hit to the Pro-Life Groups in America that stands against Abortion. Like I’ve said before, American have made a terrible mistake voting for Obama to office


Chinese New Year Dinner with EVVO

26 01 2009
At Lao Beijing, Novena

At Lao Beijing, Novena

EVVO had their first Chinese New Year dinner last friday at Lao Beijing. It was a nice dinner

Paradise of God takes on a new look

25 01 2009
The new look!

The new look!

Today, a new look for Paradise of God Church dons the coming of the new year as the Chinese community in Singapore celebrates the Lunar New Year tomorrow.

Thanks for the superbly designed website by Sean, we have put together a really cool site that spots the new Live Streaming of our services to the world, that through Media, the gospel will be preached.

Feed my sheep!

24 01 2009

As I was having my breakfast at the Prata shop near my office, a group of Christians were talking and chatting, and i felt like i am outside the family, a prodigal son at best. Then i remember how Jesus restored Peter and instructed him gently saying “If you love me, feed my sheep”. and why the Church of Jesus Christ has failed in their role to stand up for what is right and against what is wrong.

A particular someone named David commented on my blog, which i deleted it cos i find him probably a dull minded christian who has neglected his faculty to think. That who am i to write things against Benny Hinn or the prosperity gospel preachers who are under investigation, or some time back about the paganistic catholic church in their marian worship. I say again, i merely reported what was already a known fact, that these prosperity gospel preachers are being investigated, and their lifestyle contradicts the core message of the gospel they were suppose to represent, and second, i merely expose their wicked deeds, because being family, we were suppose to protect each other from ‘preachers’ who instead of feeding the sheeps that belong to Jesus, they ripped them off, ripped them off with wicked and cunning schemes to feed their own greed, to build their own kingdoms here on earth, and most important, they have perverted the centrality of the messages Christianity suppose to represent.

Now this David, in future, please make full use of the faculty God has so graciously given you to weigh your actions, thoughts and hopefully your blinded eyes will be opened and stand up against people who ripped your family members off to feed their own greed.

Mars Hill Church

22 01 2009

marshillchurchRecently I was introduced to Mars Hill Church pastored by Pastor Mark Driscoll at the Tuesday Group.

The Message “Dating” on the Religion Saves series has been very good, and when I got home, i went through their sermons on Emerging Church, which i totally love the sermons and has been a great deal of encouragement! I would recommend anyone wanting good sermons and down to earth, Jesus loving, and totally funny yet frank pastor, go to Mars Hill Church Website

President Obama’s inauguration prayer

20 01 2009

Prayer for President Obama made by a homosexual minister that prayer is to the god of all understandings in bid not to offend the other religion.

Humanism like the type of Christianity preached by Rick Warren who said “Can we not all just get along?” is the god of the new age, a god of all understandings which in the core of this belief is a belief of demonic origin which seeks to tear down the sovereignty of God’s absolute authority.

This new humanistic god has become one of the many gods Rick Warren worship, together with Gene Robinson. On the 44th President of United States, we saw the complete destruction of the American institutions in authentic Christianity with a humanistic approach.

Perhaps soon, they will have a stature of Mary in the congress, since humanism has taken the path to ecumenistic effort of these mega churches to go back to Rome. Are we seeing America fornicating with the harlot as spoken in the Book of Revelations?

Missing mercy

20 01 2009

It is only the second day and I miss her so much. I miss the constant loving voice in my life that at the end of the day I can hold her hands and protect her. Guess I miss her and I wonder how she is doing.