External vs Internal

30 12 2006

It is so strange, that something i noticed through two incidents – First, in church during the music ministry practise where the worship leader made a comment that we must wear appropriately as to show respect to God and to carry ourselves rightly and second, Mercy wanted me to wear a shirt and pants and to wear our best to God. I admit, i am not a person who is concerned about wearing a tie, shirt and well pressed pants to church and to me, what’s on the inside is so much more important than one in an expensive suit. God looks on the inside, otherwise if God were to look on the outside, the pharisees would have scored perfect ten every time! What’s on the inside, when i come to God every time, and every day, am i right before God? is my heart in the right place, am i walking right in His eyes, is my life pleasing to Him, and i want to know God intimately, not just through experiences, but through His Word, and that I might be counted righteous through my faith in Him, not just the external. Am i wrong to ignore the external?


Death of Absolutism

29 12 2006

God revealed Himself through History as God of Israel when Moses was told by God to lead His people out of Egypt. The nation of Israel was born out of slavery. He is therefore an Absolute being, and He gave Moses the Ten Commandments (The Law), and hence, the nation of Israel was brought into a covenant relationship with God Himself, which the people were led and governed by the Law. God demanded Israel to be holy, and holiness is an expression of God Himself, and God is that standard which His people need to follow. That standard is manifested in three facets – His Law, His Judgment, and His Love. Today, within the Church, we murdered this absolutism, the very essence of our Christian faith to three enemies – Humanism, Existentialism, and Paganism.

I read Charismatic Chaos written by John MacArthur Jr, and i recognized the dangers that now, have seized the church and crippled the very People of God who ought to be defender of that Absolute Faith – that’s our Divine Authority (The Word of God). The divine authority of the scripture is under siege; false prophets and false teachers have risen among our ranks to subvert the authority of our Scripture in the church and in our faith. Prophetic utterance must submit itself to the consistency of the Word of God as the Divine Authority of the Scripture must form our basis of the Christian faith. And such prophetic utterance must align itself to the biblical principles laid out in the Word of God, to build the individual or the church in their faith. I believe one thing – the Supremacy of the Word of God must take the centre stage of our lives in every part of our being and in our pursuit of Him, in whom we seek to glorify. Truly – the chief end of Man is to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.

Seven prophecies for 2007 by Patricia King

29 12 2006

Prophetic insight is given by the Lord so that we will understand His heart, desires, perspectives and promises for the future. When embraced in prayer and faith, we will see the fulfillment of those promises in our lives. Like Mary, we will say, “Be it done unto me according to Your word.” (Luke 1:38)…and like her, we will experience the same results – fulfillment of prophecy.

1. A year of success and fruitfulness
In 2007, the Lord is looking for those who will invest their “talents” wisely. It is a year to DREAM BIG. It is a year of bringing forth fruit for the Lord and His Kingdom through the wise investment of the gifts He has given.

In the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30), the master praised the servants who took the initiative to invest what they had been given but was angry with the one who buried his one talent. Jesus said that this parable describes the Kingdom (verse 14).

The Lord is calling His people to make investments of their gifts on behalf of the Kingdom. There will be success and fruitfulness for those who do. 2007 is a year to invest much as there will be great dividends for the glory of God. “You will succeed in whatever you choose to do, and light will shine on all your ways.”
Job 22:28 NLT Psalm 20:4; Deut 28:8,12; Genesis 1:28; John 15:7

2. Change, Change, Change
2007 is going to meet us with great change. The face of the church is going to change drastically. Political changes and shifts await us. Individuals will be called to make changes in their lives to facilitate the call of God. Some will even be called to make geographical changes. Many believers will have unexpected changes in vocation. Some students at university level will suddenly feel to change their majors even after they have invested many months and years in a particular direction.

It is vital in 2007 that believers seek the Lord for confirmation during the stirrings that call for change. The Lord will confirm clearly. Great flexibility and grace will be required to move into the change that God is ordaining. New levels of dependency on God will need to be embraced during these times of transition.

Prophetic signs of change
Many will experience a phenomenon of finding “change” (coins) in unique places — sometimes on the walkway in front of them or in drawers or on the floor beneath them. This will be quickened to the heart as a “prophetic sign” confirming the season of change. Another sign will be the appearance of butterflies. The butterfly comes forth as a result of metamorphosis (change). The increased and unusual appearances of butterflies will be a confirmation of the season of change. Another sign will be changes in weather patterns and unexpected winds in regions that are marked for change.

3. A year of covenant blessing
Abraham was blessed by God and called to be a blessing so that all the nations would be blessed. This is our calling in the Kingdom – to live in the blessings of God in Christ, so that the testimony of Christ’s glory and love spreads.

Christians will be called by the Spirit in 2007 to establish boundaries around their lives where ONLY BLESSINGS will prevail. When attacks, assaults, and trials come, they will be turned into blessings as believers stand their ground on covenant promises. Blessings will become the protective border and the covering of believer’s lives that embrace this.
Eph 1:3; 2 Peter 1:2-4; Gen 1:28; Gen 12:2,3; Ps 103:1-5; Deut 28:1-13; Numbers 6:23-26

4. Earth shaking catastrophes
There will be some catastrophes in 2007 that will cause people to respond in fear. Believers are not to fear but to rather embrace the situations, allowing them to usher in revival and harvest. The church will be launched into mercy and compassion ministry when these catastrophes occur. Calls to prayer during these events will also be used to unite the Body.
Hebrews 12:26-29; Matthew 24:6.7

5. Walking on Water
The Lord is calling His church to move in the supernatural. Many will be called out of the “boat of comfort” into “arenas of risk” in 2007. It is important to keep the focus on Jesus and His Word alone during these times. The Holy Spirit will teach the church the importance of living in the supernatural empowerment Christ has invested in us through His indwelling presence. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.”
(Proverbs 3:5,6) Matthew 14:28-31

6. Bible Faith will be challenged
The church must remain strong in intercession in 2007 as foundations of faith and Bible absolutes will be challenged by political and humanistic spirits in Christian nations. God will raise up spokespeople who will be a voice for uncompromised truth in the nations. These ones will suffer persecution both in the world and in the church for their righteous stands. A separation will come in the church between those who are fully committed to Bible truth and those who compromise.
Psalms 1 and 2

7. God’s Media Army is emerging
Many Christians will experience the call into media in 2007. The Lord is raising up an army in the area of television, radio, entertainment, internet and print media. These warriors will be powerfully used of God to spread the gospel and to creatively build faith in the masses. “The Lord gives the word, and a great army brings the good news” Psalm 68:11

By Patricia King – Extreme Prophecies.

Xiao Brown

29 12 2006

Got this “Xiao Brown” for Mercy. One of those Cinnamon Rolls stuffed toy. She likes it alot because this is brown like Mercy. Glad she likes it and my first surprise for her i guess. I got her a card too but i think she likes this better.

Using MacJournal

29 12 2006

I am using Macjournal to write. I hope this work perfectly. Wow Wee! Brilliant.

Rick Warren’s interview on NBC

28 12 2006

Rick Warren’s meet the press session with NBC

Rick Warren the celebrity pastor of the America talks about AIDS, HIV, celebrity status, and others with the press. Questions that loomed in my mind largely, what’s the implication of christian leaders getting above the celebrity status in imposing their views which could sway from biblical to their own personal views, and how largely that influence is going to affect the world view on the Christian world? While Apostle Paul’s driving motive in his missionary trips is to make Christ known, Rick Warren’s is to make the world a better place while not offending the Communist China, the Islamic leaders when discussing about ‘religion’.

Emergent Church – ‘Christian Gay’ is ok

28 12 2006

Tony Jones – Christian gay is ok. AW Tozer said “Mankind has succeeded quite well in reducing God to a pitiful nothing! The God of the modern context is no God at all. We must get back to the Bible and the ministration of God’s Spirit to regain a high and holy concept of God. Oh, this awesome, terrible God!”

There lacks a certain urgency – a desire to be holy and a call to godliness, as commanded by God to His people, the double standard of the Emergent Church which rejects the very authority of the Scriptures in what it says, to a compromising standard which tolerates Sin and while it practises that, it applauds those who practise it. This is one of the levels which Apostle Paul in the book of Romans detailed about the depravity of its nature which is wholly wicked and evil.