The Church we were meant to be.

30 06 2008

Back after a long absence from the blogosphere, and here, after a short bible study discussion yesterday with Veron, Mercy and Boon Wan, on the topic of Church. There was an interesting thought to the role of Church and how we Christians have a responsibility within the Church.

The Church is an extension of the ministry of Jesus, as well as the representative of the Kingdom of God on earth. When Jesus left, He left the Church a mandate, that is to go into the world and tell His Story of redemption and salvation, and second, to make disciples. That we have so often called ‘the Great Commission’ but failed to realise that it is the mandate handed over from Christ to the Church, and that is what the Church should exist for.

I asked them a question, why is the Christianity so attractive in the early church and why it is so repulsive today? It is because the Christians today have failed or rather the Church have failed to live out the 100% holiness that is demanded of the Church. We have failed to live out the Christian principles that we proclaimed with our mouth, but in our lifestyles, we live so differently.

When preachers travel in their private jet, live in a multi-million dollar mansion, driving an expensive car, and i wonder, quite often, is this the Christianity i have come to live by? Or is the Christianity lived out by Heidi Baker where she gave up everything she has for the poor, the abused, to bring hope to the hopelessness? Why is there such a wide difference in the two end of the Christianity that on one, i find their brand of Christianity nothing more than a self glorified Gucci suit, and on the other end, Jesus with skin on.

The question remains, where our decision to lead us to position ourselves, will determine how we live for Christ, and how the Church will be.