Passion is calling out in the streets!

26 07 2008

I have seen the fiery passion of football fans cheering in a match that brings beyond the 90th minute. And for something so temporal, the level of passion is astonishing. except that when it comes to what it really matters, passion is missing.

There is this boy, who passion for Football, has caused him to miss church, and even neglect his duty as a youth leader in the church. I wonder, i would be  like him but i was not. Not that i am not athletic, but i came to a conclusion very much earlier in life that i am all sold out for God. But wondering, if the  lack of passion for God is the very thing that is needed to see a new generation of young Christians to take this world by storm.

Life is too short to have ever live in fiery passion for the sole purpose to love Him, my Saviour! ~ Daniel


A personal thought on Relationship

21 07 2008

Just like the moon is tied to the orbit of planet Earth, and I realised that each of us are created individually and uniquely. Just like Mercy and I, brought together yet, we are very different, in our personalities, and callings. Yet, taking a step back, to see the world through the eyes of Christ that is mission-minded.

We are all created and everyone is fitted nicely into the grand plan of God. At Go-Forth Convention, Dr Ajith Fernando said one thing – the only thing that all Christians should take note – the Sovereignty of God is all that matters. And if that’s the case, then, disobedience is the only thing we need to worry.

This is deep, especially when i have given enough thought to it. Just as John Piper has taught the sole purpose of our existence is that our ultimate happiness lies in the relentless pursuit of God’s glory, that in the very act, we all have our own place in God’s sovereign plan, that unless we  do that, we are always half fulfilled, half complete in all aspects of our lives.

George Bush becoming a catholic

19 07 2008

A friend of President Bush, Fr. George William Rutler, who converted to Catholicism in 1979, stated that Bush respects how Catholicism was founded by Christ who appointed Peter as the first Pope. “I think what fascinates him about Catholicism is its historical plausibility,” said the priest. “He does appreciate the systematic theology of the church, its intellectual cogency and stability.” Fr. Rutler also mentioned that the president “is not unaware of how evangelicalism — by comparison with Catholicism — may seem more limited both theologically and historically.” – Catholic News Agency

It is no surprise that the great betrayal of so called a Christian leader, to turn his back on the biblical principles that form the foundation of the nation America, to the Apostate Catholic Church. I am not surprised that George Bush Jr actually lean towards the Catholic, as he had followed the barbaric manners of the Papacy to invade Middle East for his own gain just as the Popes did before him in the Crusades.

The Sovereignty of God

19 07 2008

The Sovereignty of God is what we Christians ought to believe in, and all we need to be careful is ‘disobedience’.

Is Todd Bentley a fake?

15 07 2008
Todd Bentley

Todd Bentley

Is Todd Bentley fake? ABC News reported on Todd’s revival gave deep insights on various inconsistency with a fast uprising preacher.

I’ve always wonder the authenticity of a highly publicized miracle-healing preacher but has failed to produce evidences of people who are healed. Evidences always accompanied healing in Jesus’ time. But i will not go as much as to criticize and question Todd’s character, for one, i do not know him intimately, and i am not in any position to question his character. The angle we need to objectively look into is, the authenticity of his ministry – healing and revival.

What will Obama as the first Black American president mean?

15 07 2008

I had a short discussion with Pastor Sally at her place on Sunday evening, that the presidential candidate Obama will be the new president of the United States and he will be the first Muslim president in America. I was browsing through Guardian, and an article from New Yorker’s cover caught my attention

Shows here, Mr and Mrs Obama are terrorists in disguise in the Oval office. I did some googling on Obama, if he is a muslim.

Obama went to a catholic school in Indonesia where he was registered as a muslim student. His father was a muslim, and the fact Obama was a muslim by the sheer fact by a muslim call to prayer – article of Obama was quite religious.

Why did Obama lie about his past affiliation with Islam? Can a presidential candidate who suppose to be bringing hope to a nation riddened with hypocrites like George Bush and the failure of the western leadership that’s bringing the nation into adject poverty, be trusted?

The effects of a pro-western and even a muslim president can first, change the anti-american feeling of the general world, and definitely will point to an improvement in the arab-muslim community. But the question, where will the era of Obama lead us, and more specifically the Christian world, to have a pro-muslim president in the leadership of the most powerful nation on earth?

In Jesus’ Name, Amen?

12 07 2008

I believe most of us have been taught somehow by someone, that we should end our prayers in Jesus’ name, and heartily declaration of “amen” thinking our prayers will go straight up to the throne room of God just because we sealed it with the name of Jesus…..

It is only recently, i began to ask “Did Jesus actually teach his disciples to pray that, to end off a prayer with His Name, and Amen?” While i raised this question during our cellgroup yesterday that i was told, YES IT IS IN THE BIBLE…. while i saw in a few verses, that Jesus told his disciples that if we ask anything in His Name, He will answer. The question remains, from a standpoint of poor exegesis of the passage, that we took it as a feeble attempt to reason and justify that we should all end off with a mantra thinking it is a seal of a certainty that Jesus will answer our prayers, almost to an obligatory and arrogant tone.

I must add, that when Jesus said to his disciples that if we asked anything in His Name, it is never ever an open ended invitation for us to ask off anything. Does this justify Christians asking for millions of dollars for their own purpose? Or that they be promoted to the top of the corporate ladder and not their ‘enemies’? That we should like Benny Hinn, cursed those christians who question his ministry? I believe what Jesus was actually saying in asking in His Name, it must be consistent with Jesus’ call and ministry – the establishment and extension of God’s Kingdom. Jesus always do the work of The Father, and not others. Therefore it is only reasonable to say, that there is a condition tied to the promise of Jesus to the disciples, ASK in MY NAME, and I WILL HEAR YOU, is that when we pray, we put to petition the things that matters to the heart of hearts in the will of Jesus, ultimately to glorify God.

So next time when we end off with “In Jesus’ Name……” let’s abuse that Most Wonderful Name – Jesus and put it into hostage to our selfish motives, but let it ring all the more wonderfully when we echoed the heart of our most wonderful Saviour.