Planetshakers @ Singapore Expo Pavillion

11 04 2008

Went to the Planetshakers concert at Singapore Expo last night. Mercy and I were late and I ain’t in a mood to be late for something so there was something really wrong with my attitude i guess. As soon as we got it, i felt like it is another of these concerts where people get so hyped up and all, but i think God gently rebuked me and I began to repent and started worshiping.

Man, it has to be the best worship I have ever been to for a long long time, and frankly, no churches in Singapore can ever be compared to this. No regards of personal decorum, just outburst of expressions in worship and I was almost dancing, except for the short gap between the chairs that i am ‘stuck’ to the ground.

It was totally engaging, totally outpouring of ourselves in adoration to the Lord, to the Cross, and as we ‘surveyed the Cross’, let our pride be smashed at the foot of the Cross where the expression of God’s love in shown and demonstrated!

There is a new site WORSHIP CENTRAL, a resource for all worshipers, musicians, and worship leaders by the Planetshakers Ministry

The breed of evil

13 03 2008

The truth is that so often, Christians are numbed to wrong doctrines and teachings. As my eyes caught the title of the Elijah List newsletter this morning, which reads two articles

Kingdom Wealth
Ahwatukee (Phoenix), Arizona
With Patricia King and Joshua Mills
Worship with Steve Swanson
God’s promise is to meet all our needs exceedingly and abundantly beyond our ability to ask or imagine! He is a God without limit, and in Him there is provision and blessing that we have not even begun to tap into. Join Patricia King and Joshua Mills as they teach, preach, and prophesy the bounty of God into your life. You will learn to position yourself to see ever-increasing manifestations of the Lord’s plenty not only in finances, but in every are of your life. Come and learn to grab hold of Kingdom Wealth as you never have before!


The New Mystics
Phoenix (Mesa), Arizona
With Patricia King, John Crowder, Jamie Galloway, Jason Westerfield, and worship with Steve Swanson
There is a new breed of believer being raised up in this hour. One who is willing to embrace the mysteries of the Christian walk to wander deep into the heart of God and the power of the cross. This new breed is a generation of seekers who have said yes to all God has, no matter what the cost. It is not a generation based on age or experience, but one based on hunger. Do you long to be a member of this new breed God is establishing? If so, join this gathering of prophets, preachers and teachers as they delve into the secrets of God and see the Kingdom revealed to us all.

The two very teachings that have subverted the churches today with Lust of Greed, New Age teachings that on the surface, seems all godly and right, but ask the question. Is the Kingdom of God about wealth? And what about Mystics? Are we to go back to Merton’s Catholic mysticism that is enwtined with Eastern paganism?

Question is, what is the Gospel? Can the above two teachings co-exist with the Gospel of Jesus. In very short summary, can wealth and mysticism, be part of a gospel that is Christ-centred, NOT man, and the ultimate fulfillment of our being can only be found in Christ, not wealth. When preachers and teachers twisted the Word of God to words that people want to hear, they diluted the very central teachings of the Gospel. It is a message of God’s Love for us that He sent Christ to die for our sins, and through that we might find Salvation through Christ’s substitutionary death on the Cross and through His resurrection, a Hope that we will be too, be resurrected in glory with Him. It is all about the message, and let’s not divert from it.

I have put here a video, and which Mercy and I had a rather huge disagreement about his overly emotional outbursts.

Tell me what’s wrong?

A faceless generation!

4 02 2008

After about 2 years in Paradise of God, something extraordinary happened yesterday in Church. The leadership spoke up on the hurts and lack of vision for the Church and asking for forgiveness. It was something I have talked to Mercy so many times about the Church and where it is going, and that we will explore moving on, for i am thirsty, and hungry for God and i do not want to put on another show every week for a show of godliness. Like this song “Hosanna” from Hillsongs, this song breaks me, it is a song of a cry deep within for God. This is what we need. There is so much so much more than just putting on a show every Sunday in Church, and we need to grow from childlike faith to maturity as a Man of God. There will be a faceless generation “borrowing from Mercy” that will rise and do the will of God, a kind of desperation not seen since the day of Pentecost that Men and Women will rise up to do the will of God!

Hosanna to the King in the highest!

29 01 2008

We played this song in our worship last Sunday and wow, the presence of God just enveloped us, and drawing us nearer to Him in worship!

Passion without equals

2 01 2008

I have been pondering about the coming year 2008 and the message that accompanies with it – Passion without equals. The sentence left me baffled until i was led to listen to the songs by F.I.R, it dawn on me that it meant to live with passion without equals. The fire that burns up for a cause, and in the case here, it is passion without equals without limits for my God, my Lord Jesus! The intensity rages on with every single heartbeat sets the fiery chamber in our pursuit of one single minded person – Jesus! I can finally penned my first post in 2008 with a new start. There will be equal opposition in the flesh, but i am going to FLY AWAY with wings of eagles with a single dedicated fiery passion for Jesus. As i was reading the book by Pastor Bruce Allen, the key to God’s heart is passion. Passion drives intimacy with Him like never before, and it is one single pre-requisite for the people who loves Him, is to live with PASSION!

Misty Edwards – the Call

22 12 2007

Another video from the Call by Misty Edwards.


13 11 2007


ResoundWorship! I happened to surf into this site, which offers resources for Worship and was listening to this song “All I have” written by Lores and i instantly fell in love with the song. Go check it out.