The other side

28 03 2008

When the time has frozen in moments of pain, the reflection of the sinless Lamb grazed through the shattered world, in the brokenness, the love of a Father was hung on the Cross, rung the message of Man’s redemption.

The inner reflection of the weekend passed through the commemoration of the Lord’s crucifixion and resurrection, the world passed by without much notice for their hope they have been fighting for.

The Church needs to arise, through the grips of materialism and greed and lust for the things of this world, let the young generation arise, and there will be, an undying fiery passion of Christ, that soars through this broken world to bring healing to a world that’s lost and broken.

For the last one week, a group of us came up with an idea that we believe strongly that God will use the movement to go into the world to change lives, through the hope of caring for the poor, the widow, clothed the downtrodden, to bring healing through medical care, through love in the last stage of lives, and to bring the message of our Lord to the people who are ignored by the organized religion! I pray for God to open doors for this movement to be established.


27 March morning

27 03 2008

There is a man singing on the bus. This is the second time i’ve seen him doing that. My initial response is wondering if he is mad and has half a mind to ask him to shut up. Oh he just answered the phone and shouted into it. Why is everyone oblivious to his behaviour? Guess everyone else is plugged into the world of their own like listening to their radio or ipod, or playing PSP or are they just ignoring him? Is this numbness in how we relate to each other the result of each of us distancing ourselves in the society? The more connected we are in terms of technology has caused a breakdown in our people to people interaction. Ok he has got off the bus now. I wonder do i envy him for the free spiritedness or annoyed at this intrusion into our serenity ride to another day of meaninglessness of work?

Indifference to accountability and responsibility

25 03 2008

Someone wrote in the comment with regards to Kim Clement’s false prophecy

I highly doubt any of you are prophets, because, obviously, very few of you know the workings of the prophets. God has designed the giftings of the prophets to only be truly understood by the prophets. If you have never truly prophesied then you have no right to say anything, good or bad, because you have no experience in the area.

Is the person who wrote this a prophet? I do not know. But God designed the giftings of the prophets for HIMSELF, and it is understood through HIS WORD, therefore the test of a prophet is ON HIS WORD. For that very deluded person who wrote the comment, i shall quote this from GOD’S WORDS

Jeremiah 23:21-23 I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. But if they had stood in My counsel, and had caused My people to hear My words, then they should have turned them from their evil way, and from the evil of their doings. Am I a God at hand, saith the Lord, and not a God afar off?

The chief duty of a prophet is to speak what God says (His Counsel), and the end result of that message is they will turn from their evil ways and of their doings (Repentance and Salvation). Yet many, indeed, many prophets will come in His name, are not of His own.

2nd Peter 2:1-9 But there were False Prophets also among the people, even as there shall be False Teachers among you, who privily (in secret) shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the Way of Truth shall be evil spoken of .. (remember) The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the Day of Judgment to be punished:

Therefore, to that person who wrote the comment, do not rest your faith in these prophets blindly, but let your faith be rested on the Word of God, that YOU can test the prophet, not in judgment but in love, gentle rebuke, and as a worker who is approved and diligent in studying of His Word, not just by hearing but putting into practice.

A crazy feel of order

18 03 2008

Imagine a world without chaos, without order, life wouldn’t be life as it is. No more striving, no more endless pursuit of meaninglessness in objects that consumes without feel nor mercy. All of the senses are in conflict with what matters more in eternity than the physical, and as if the very energy is being drained on the frivolity of the rat race in the endless maze after a piece of cheese.

One of my favourite books in the bible, was written by a wise man in his closing years, perhaps after a life long of rebellion, and pride, that he left his thoughts on these eternal pages that can only be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

In my futile life I have seen everything; there is a righteous man who perishes in spite of his righteousness, and there is a wicked man who lives long in spite of his evil. Do not be excessively righteous, and do not be overly wise. Why should you destroy yourself? Don’t be excessively wicked, and don’t be foolish. Why should you die before your time? It is good that you grasp the one and do not let the other slip from your hand. For the one who fears God will end up with both of them. Wisdom makes the wise man stronger than ten rulers of a city. There is certainly no righteous man on the earth who does good and never sins.  Ecclesiastes 7:15-20

In this short passage of my morning devotion, is the answer to the many questions I’ve asked God. Why does He allow good people to die when the wicked lives long? Is there justice to when old people being abandoned on the street begging for food when the rich merely walked past? I know now, the anger came from my own righteousness, which this passage speaks about, do not be overly righteous. Am i more righteous than God that i think my anger of this injustice over-rides His? Certainly who am i to assume i am wiser than Him? It is about achieving a balance, and it is good to say, live as He lived. Too many times have we look at the world through our own eyes, and chasing after what that will perish, but have forgotten what’s the eternal that we ought to pursue and chase. Lord help me look at the world and the people around me with your eyes.

The breed of evil

13 03 2008

The truth is that so often, Christians are numbed to wrong doctrines and teachings. As my eyes caught the title of the Elijah List newsletter this morning, which reads two articles

Kingdom Wealth
Ahwatukee (Phoenix), Arizona
With Patricia King and Joshua Mills
Worship with Steve Swanson
God’s promise is to meet all our needs exceedingly and abundantly beyond our ability to ask or imagine! He is a God without limit, and in Him there is provision and blessing that we have not even begun to tap into. Join Patricia King and Joshua Mills as they teach, preach, and prophesy the bounty of God into your life. You will learn to position yourself to see ever-increasing manifestations of the Lord’s plenty not only in finances, but in every are of your life. Come and learn to grab hold of Kingdom Wealth as you never have before!


The New Mystics
Phoenix (Mesa), Arizona
With Patricia King, John Crowder, Jamie Galloway, Jason Westerfield, and worship with Steve Swanson
There is a new breed of believer being raised up in this hour. One who is willing to embrace the mysteries of the Christian walk to wander deep into the heart of God and the power of the cross. This new breed is a generation of seekers who have said yes to all God has, no matter what the cost. It is not a generation based on age or experience, but one based on hunger. Do you long to be a member of this new breed God is establishing? If so, join this gathering of prophets, preachers and teachers as they delve into the secrets of God and see the Kingdom revealed to us all.

The two very teachings that have subverted the churches today with Lust of Greed, New Age teachings that on the surface, seems all godly and right, but ask the question. Is the Kingdom of God about wealth? And what about Mystics? Are we to go back to Merton’s Catholic mysticism that is enwtined with Eastern paganism?

Question is, what is the Gospel? Can the above two teachings co-exist with the Gospel of Jesus. In very short summary, can wealth and mysticism, be part of a gospel that is Christ-centred, NOT man, and the ultimate fulfillment of our being can only be found in Christ, not wealth. When preachers and teachers twisted the Word of God to words that people want to hear, they diluted the very central teachings of the Gospel. It is a message of God’s Love for us that He sent Christ to die for our sins, and through that we might find Salvation through Christ’s substitutionary death on the Cross and through His resurrection, a Hope that we will be too, be resurrected in glory with Him. It is all about the message, and let’s not divert from it.

I have put here a video, and which Mercy and I had a rather huge disagreement about his overly emotional outbursts.

Tell me what’s wrong?

Water’s Wedding Dinner @ Marriot Hotel

12 03 2008

Went to the first wedding of 2008 of a friend – Water Tay,I knew about 7 years. At the wedding dinner, met up with some old faces mainly nick “Wildcat, Reality, Moi, and Snowman”. Well they are the group I used to hang out from the Pacific Internet Forum. It was a good dinner, except for a minor incident I was quite disgusted about a really rude and immature reply from someone when i asked what he is working as, and the reply was “I am a drug pusher”. I was like “Whadda hell, what kind of !@#$%abcde reply is that?” Anyway other than that, the overall experience of sharing the joy of a friend’s wedding is immensely enjoyable.

The food was so-so in my opinion, but the company was priceless, and looking back from the days we used to hang out, everyone has changed, except for that particular immature fella, and of course Moi, who has not changed except that in the short period of months, he married twice, and divorced twice. I feel sorry for him, that he has a good heart, but misfortunes and Jesus eluded his life too many times. Maybe Mercy and I should go and visit him more often. He is always the most misunderstood bloke and frankly despite his obvious shortcomings and flaws, he is pretty amicable chap with the usual attitude.

The Weekend knots

10 03 2008

Cornerstone Church

Visited Cornerstone Community Church on Sunday, and as I missed the 10.30am service, i went to the Youth / Young Adult Service at 1pm. It was a good service, not that I feel extraordinarily old and out of place, but the vibrant youth in their abundance of energy. Not to mention the fair share of ‘childish’ behaviour of some of the youths, reminded me I was once like that.

Pastor Daniel, the Youth pastor for Cornerstone, preached on Nehemiah 2. It was a good sermon especially when it comes to building a firm foundation for the youth ministry in years to come. The key is gaining favour from God, and through the tests God set us up, is not to fail us, but to promote us. There was so much to take away from that service, and I really learned lots of things.

After that, went over to Eagle’s nest and meet Mercy. Had a long chat with Pastor Sally, till about 11pm and about marriage, about rock music and many many more. Guess overall, this Sunday was especially great, and i thoroughly enjoyed it.